Shame on me

We FINALLY put up the Christmas stuff today. (It was all taken down last weekend, but has been sitting in the laundry room, waiting to be transferred into plastic bins and loaded into the attic.) While we were in the garage, I started going through a few things and found a Nike shoebox full of cd's from back in the day. I thought, "I should go load all of these into iTunes in case I ever want any of the songs."

To my chagrin, (I've always wanted to use that word, I hope I used it correctly...) There were some good ones in there. Well, I guess "good" is a relative term. I should say that I was happy to find my "Grease" soundtrack, my "Best of" George Michael 2-disk set, my Dixie Chicks and Stone Temple Pilots. However, here are some of the other treasures I found:

- Snoop Dogg - The Doggfather
- Marcy Playground
- Duncan Sheik
- Paul Brandt - I know, WHO??? I had to listen just to remember who he was. (Once I listened, I realized he sang a song called "I Do" that I loved when I was about 20.)
- Mindy McCready
- Creed !!!!!

And the piece de' resistance....
- Ricky Martin !!!!

I know.


sarahsmile3 said...

HA! "woke up in New York City..."

Anonymous said...

Girl - I have two Ricky Martin songs on my iPod - La Vida Loca and Shake your Bon Bon.


I also have all of Britney Spears and some Spice Girls.

Make fun at will.

M--- said...

Ah. Music always brings back memories...and sometimes you want to disown YOURSELF when you see past collections of tunes you thought were *SO* cool.

Don't go there...remember, I was in high school during the eighties. It's a good thing we can all laugh about it now. I just hope some of those memories I repressed never re-surface!