Juice, anyone?

Today is Dale's birthday. Here is my favorite picture of him, taken on MY 30th birthday. He is pushing me around in a shopping cart. (Don't ask.)

(photo courtesy of his wife, SarahenityNOW!)

So Sarah emails me at work today to ask if I have any extra Bed Bath and Beyond coupons, because she wants to buy Dale an attachment for the awesome mixer she got him for Christmas. (He is a really good cook. And I am a collector of Bed Bath and Beyond coupons.) We have a conversation via e-mail about how Larry will put the coupon in the mailbox and she can go pick it up after work, blah blah blah. She was trying to decide what attachment to get, and at one point, sends me this:

>>> Sarah Webb 1/7/2009 2:55 PM >>>
Now I think I may get him the juicer attachment. Mmmmm, fresh squeezed oranges!

And I reply to her with this:

From: Rachel Behnke Wednesday - January 7, 2009 2:57 PM
To: Sarah Webb
Subject: Re: juicer
OOOOhhhhhh, good idea. Larry wants a Jack LaLane(?) juicer so bad. I'll prob get him one one of these days!

Well, Sarah picks up the coupon from my mailbox and goes to Bed Bath and Beyond to get Dale's birthday present. And guess what she finds on the "AS IS" markdown shelf? Yup. A Stainless Steel Jack Freakin' LaLanne juicer.

Original price: $149.99. Markdown price: $69.99. So she calls me, because - WHAT ARE THE ODDS? I mean, how often does a person mention a juicer in an email? She asked them to hold it for me and I went by and picked it up on the way home. After a 20% off coupon, that sucker was $55. (Marked down because it has a scratch and is missing the instruction booklet. Um, hello? Have you heard of the internet?)

So anyway, I've decided that I have a kitchen appliance fairy. Next e-mail I plan on casually mentioning the Rachael Ray pasta pot . Just sayin'.


sarahsmile3 said...

FInding that juicer right after you mentioned it was so odd yet exciting at the same time. Finding a good deal gives me an adrenaline rush. Finding a good deal on such an obscure item that you happened to mention half an hour before made me feel like I took the cocaine pill. It comes in pill form, right?

Anonymous said...

Wow - can i interest either of you in putting together a wedding for 150 with $100? Lemme know.


TheBehnkeFamily said...

How neat!! I just bought a food processor. I should have talked to you first!

Amy said...

What an awesome coincidence! Or not...maybe it really was the appliance fairy. Either way, what a great friend Sarah is for noticing it! Alan just got me a KitchenAid food processor for Christmas and I'm quite sure he would have rather paid $55. But I'm totally worth the $150.