The song remembers when (TIMED)

Do y'all have favorite lines in songs? You know - where you crank the volume and sing extra loud to one particular part? Usually, for me, the songs remind me of a particular time of my life - I can name an exact moment and memory for each - and I could probably make a really long list if I took the time. But I'm going to just list whichever lines come to mind in the next 10 minutes.

The room gets suddenly still and when you'd almost bet you could hear yourself sweat, he walks in. - Neil Diamond

And all I taught her was everything. - Pearl Jam

It's a two-day old burrito and a luke-warm beer to go. On the Sunday side of a road trip weekend and Lordy I was feelin' so low. - Pat Green

But you must always know how long to stay and when to go - Dixie Chicks

Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose. Nothin - and that's all that Bobby left me. - Janis Joplin

I've found you find strength in your moments of weakness - Rascal Flatts

If you got nuthin baby boy you better get up, get out and get sumpin. - Jay Z

I want you to notice when I'm not around. - Radiohead

I'm weak. I'm poor. I'm broken, Lord - but I'm yours. - Jennifer Knapp

And there ain't nobody wants to mess with 23! - SheDaisy

Let your hair down, wear something pretty. Don't you know that you make us both look good. - Pat Green

If you think that a kiss is all in the lips, c'mon, you got it all wrong man. - The White Stripes

Okay, it has been 10 minutes. I just thought of another one, but I'll save it for next time.

Congrats on making it through another Monday.


sarahsmile3 said...

I want to know what memories those lyrics evoke. TELL ME!

Amanda said...

I LOVE this post! I'm always thinking about lyrics and memories and wondering if anyone else is doing the same. Now I know you're a goofball like me! Well, not THAT much of one...

M--- said...

I TOTALLY get this post...I think anyone lucky enough to hear any music during their lives does this, mine just happen to be mostly 80's.

Still waiting to hear about the memories evoked...aren't we Sarah?

Jessica said...