There is nothing like a mix-tape

A little something to get you in the mood for December...

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Chub Scout

Smoked turkey? Check.
Roasted turkey? Check.
Smoked brisket? Check.
Smoked pork loin? Check.
Stuffing? Check.
Green bean casserole? Check.
Broccoli Rice casserole? Check.
Cranberry sauce. Check.
Mashed potatoes? Check.
Gravy? Check.
6 types of dessert? Check.
Excessive amounts of beer, wine, and Creamsicle martinis? Check.

Pants not fitting this morning? Check.


Stirred, NOT shaken

I'm on a quest for my "signature drink." You know, the one I will offer you everytime you come to my house. I am testing out one this weekend. I'm actually about to test it out RIGHT NOW! It's 5 o'clock somewhere, right? I'll let you know if it's a keeper. I need something to make the next couple of housework more enjoyable, you know? We have lots of people coming over tomorrow - and if you don't have anywhere to go, you're invited too, so c'mon! (My parents and sister/bro-in-law/niece will be here in about 4 hours, yay!)

Creamsicle Martini
4 oz. diet orange soda, room temperature
1.5 oz. orange flavored vodka (like Smirnoff Twist of Orange)
1.5 oz. Torani Su
gar Free Vanilla Syrup
1 Tbsp. Cool Whip Free

Place all ingredients in a shaker, but DO NOT shake - or the carbonated soda will explode! Mix thoroughly with a spoon until mixture is mostly lump-free. Add about 1 cup crushed ice and stir until mixture is cold. Then place strainer on top and pour into large martini glass. (For anyone that cares: 109 calories, 2 WW points)


"That was the first night I dreamed of Edward Cullen."

The movie was basically exactly what I thought it would be. I like everyone okay except Rosalie. I don't really know how I feel about it - I liked it okay, it just doesn't compare to the pictures in my head.

The Right Stuff?

I have a really bad memory. Fortunately, my good friend Sarah reminds me of things that happened when I was a child. However, I do remember this: I was probably in about 5th grade listening to New Kids on the Block, maybe practicing the "Right Stuff" side to side kick move, (oh oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh) when my older brother Adam started making fun of me. I don't recall exactly how it went down, but I remember him saying something like, "Those guys aren't even going to be around in 10 years. You should listen to some REAL music like Metallica." Of course I responded with something really witty like, "Uh HUH, they are still going to be around in 10 years!" Obviously, he was right, but whatever.

So anyway, last night, I am flipping channels and see the American Music Awards. I watch a little bit, keep flipping, and end up back on them. All of a sudden, Jimmy Kimmel is all, "We have mostly teenagers performing tonight. Ironically, the only old people here are New Kids on the Block." And then they perform. I will admit I was nervous for them and held my breath for like the first 10 seconds of the performance. Let's face it - nobody really wants to see a boy band reunite after 20 YEARS!!! But I actually screamed out loud and was all, "OMG, they're going to do Please Don't Go Girl!" And say what you will, but I was so happy for them. People were seriously cheering for them, not making fun of them. Even though it is pretty hilarious to see 40 year old men doing the boy band dance routines.

I was so happy for them that I wanted to support them by buying their new album, but I previewed it and well, I probably won't buy it after all. I kind of vomited in my mouth when I saw the lyrics for their song "Full Service." Here is a sample:

I'll fill you up-up (If you wanna get some)
I'll pump you up-up (Cause I got the premium)
I'll fill you up-up, pump you up-up
'Till the tip-top, drip drop, don't stop, don't stop

So yeah, I'm still on Team NKOTB, but I'll pass on the new album after all.



Hi, I'm Rachel and I'm a blogaholic.

I spend far too much time checking to see how Clemsongirl is doing or what the folks at Go Fug Yourself have deemed ugly for today. Postsecret is the first thing I do on Sunday mornings and The Bloggess makes me snort soda out of my nose. I no longer read Dooce, as I've found that reading smug political posts is not something I find relaxing. The Redneck Mommy cracks me up, yet breaks my heart all at the same time. I love blogs, yet have been hesitant to create one of my own. I am somewhat notorious for starting things and not
following through with them. (ex: Kickboxing classes, gym memberships, Mary Kay, learning spanish, you get the idea.)

But here's the deal: I am 31, have a great job, have an amazing man, a good dog and no health issues. (I've even paid off my credit cards for heaven's sake!) Add my incredible family and friends to that mix and it is safe to say that I am truly blessed. I have far more than I deserve and want to celebrate it. So, I'm going to give this blogging thing a shot.

Blessings come in all shapes, sizes, flavors and colors, and I'm going to share mine with you. Oh, and one request...while you're here, grab the beverage of your choice and toast to the good life with me!