Stirred, NOT shaken

I'm on a quest for my "signature drink." You know, the one I will offer you everytime you come to my house. I am testing out one this weekend. I'm actually about to test it out RIGHT NOW! It's 5 o'clock somewhere, right? I'll let you know if it's a keeper. I need something to make the next couple of housework more enjoyable, you know? We have lots of people coming over tomorrow - and if you don't have anywhere to go, you're invited too, so c'mon! (My parents and sister/bro-in-law/niece will be here in about 4 hours, yay!)

Creamsicle Martini
4 oz. diet orange soda, room temperature
1.5 oz. orange flavored vodka (like Smirnoff Twist of Orange)
1.5 oz. Torani Su
gar Free Vanilla Syrup
1 Tbsp. Cool Whip Free

Place all ingredients in a shaker, but DO NOT shake - or the carbonated soda will explode! Mix thoroughly with a spoon until mixture is mostly lump-free. Add about 1 cup crushed ice and stir until mixture is cold. Then place strainer on top and pour into large martini glass. (For anyone that cares: 109 calories, 2 WW points)

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Adam said...

Um, you're going to need to go ahead and bring those ingredients to Xmas so we can all try 'em!