been a busy bee

Whooooohweeee, I feel like a big city girl!

I've been celebrating retirements,birthdays, resurrections, Mumford and Sons (twice!), Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, Old Crow Medicine Show, Citizen Cope (and probably Willie Nelson tomorrow night.) Pictures and stories to come, but I still have ONE MORE PAPER to finish. Everything is due May 1, so I am thisclose to being done. Whoooooooo!

Until then, enjoy this picture of a small, fuzzy piglet.


baby, baby, baby oh!

Remember like a month ago when I was doing this list of prompts? Well, day #18 is a baby photo. I don't have any children, and I don't have any of my own baby pictures handy in an electronic format, so this baby picture of my dog will have to do.
I was dog sitting a pregnant weenie dog and she had 4 puppies in my bathroom. I had to tend to them and take the crazy mom outside to potty, so I kept one of the puppies. In this picture, she probably still had her umbilical cord. She and her siblings were probably the cutest things I've ever seen. Seriously. She (Blossom) weighed 1.5 pounds in this picture - I know, because I weighed her so that I could send out a "birth announcement." Judge me if you must.

I also have a super cute baby picture of Larry. He never had a baby book, so one year, I took a bunch of old slides and made them into pictures and made him one. He looks exactly the same, except now he is about 6 feet taller and weighs about 200 pounds more. However, his eyes haven't changed a bit.
And one more of him just because he was such a cute little boy.


who wouldn't want to be me?


Start telling me what you're wishing for, because I'm due to win the lottery like ANY SECOND.

1.) I passed my thesis defense on Friday.

2.) I won Giorgio Armani sunglasses from my eye doctor on Saturday.

3.) I won a yet to be named beauty product from one of my favorite bloggers, Brandy, on Sunday. (here is one of my favorite of her posts, just in case you need somebody new to stalk.)

Looks like I'm all set for awhile.


thesis shmesis indeed

I'm not a particularly "nervous" person. I don't mind presenting in front of people, I don't get all worked up over things I can't control and I don't usually lose perspective.

But I was nervous this morning. Like "I think I'm gonna be sick" kind of nervous. Not only did I have butterflies, I had break-dancing gymnast butterflies.

****I talked too fast

****I probably said "um" and "like" more times than I should have

****I kept flipping my hair

****and I had a runny nose.

But I passed! They actually said very nice things and were impressed with my "reflective and insightful" comments that demonstrated my growth.

My legs are still shaking like they are made of jello and I found myself bursting into tears as soon as it was over, but it's over. And I passed.

thesis shmesis

The nerves have set in. I'm ready to get this show on the road.


stupid babies


(Babies are not really stupid. I'm actually quite fond of them. But I am slightly annoyed that my weekend plans are wrecked.)

Thesis gets defended on Friday and I hope for creative juices to resume at that point.



I'm not sure what is worse:

The fact that I just sent Larry to the grocery store for jelly beans


That he had to ask for assistance in finding them


That there were only a few white ones in the bag, so when one dropped on the floor, I had to resort to the "3 second rule"