baby, baby, baby oh!

Remember like a month ago when I was doing this list of prompts? Well, day #18 is a baby photo. I don't have any children, and I don't have any of my own baby pictures handy in an electronic format, so this baby picture of my dog will have to do.
I was dog sitting a pregnant weenie dog and she had 4 puppies in my bathroom. I had to tend to them and take the crazy mom outside to potty, so I kept one of the puppies. In this picture, she probably still had her umbilical cord. She and her siblings were probably the cutest things I've ever seen. Seriously. She (Blossom) weighed 1.5 pounds in this picture - I know, because I weighed her so that I could send out a "birth announcement." Judge me if you must.

I also have a super cute baby picture of Larry. He never had a baby book, so one year, I took a bunch of old slides and made them into pictures and made him one. He looks exactly the same, except now he is about 6 feet taller and weighs about 200 pounds more. However, his eyes haven't changed a bit.
And one more of him just because he was such a cute little boy.


sarahsmile3 said...

Larry! He DOES look exactly the same! It's too bad you don't have a digital baby pic of yourself handy. You were a cute baby! I know because I was there....back when you were a baby.

Amy said...

Look how cute Blossom was! Larry, too! And you're right - he really looks the same! I can even picture him making that exact face! Fun :-)

Jai said...

Ohmygosh. Hahah. I LOVE that baby book. His mouth hasn't changed either. :)

Cheeseboy said...

Larry looks almost fake he is so cute in that picture. And that dog HAS to be fake!

"Miss Bee" said...

Cheese, nope. My dog (and my boyfriend as a baby) were really that cute. :)