still spicy

There were 5 of us in college that ran around together. (Hard to believe it was ~13 years ago?!?) It just so happened that there were also 5 Spice Girls. They weren't even popular I don't think, but somehow we decided that we could dress up as them for halloween one year. (Wish I had a picture handy but I don't. I had to be "Scary." Don't ask.) Fast forward....

Almost exactly 4 years ago, this was the "blog" that I posted to myspace:

We are having a "girl's weekend" this weekend. There was a group of 5 girls when I was in college -- me, Baby, Sporty, Ginger and Posh.* We all worked at a bar together and became really good friends, blah blah blah. Well, we are reuniting this weekend for the first time in like 3 years. (except for Posh, she moved.) I was reminded of many things I said and did that I had blocked from my mind. Things that you have probably read about somewhere before and thought to yourself, "Nobody really does that." Just remember, you think you know me, but you have no idea. These girls could blackmail me like there is no tomorrow. Jeez. I had a blast back then, but I'm really glad that time of my life is over. Anyway, Baby just got cut off at Trudy's. She only had 7 beers. Is that a lot? I didn't think it was, but whatever. Okay, I should go to bed so that I can be prepared for the big night downtown tomorrow. If you see us coming your way, HIDE. We get mean when we drink. (Don't worry, we won't be driving.)

I posted that at 1:30 in the morning, obviously after a few mexican martinis. 2 days later, I posted this one:

You might be wondering..."How is it that Rachel is posting a blog at 12:45 on a Monday afternoon? We all know that myspace is not allowed at school." Well, I had to come home and get my insurance card because I have a doctor's appt at 2:00. I managed to twist/tear/break my knee this weekend. I have no idea how - let's just say that it happened on 6th street at around 1:45am. It is swollen - like twice the size of my other knee, and I can't bend it. The athletic trainer at school just thought I should get it looked at to be on the safe side. Hopefully it is just sprained or something.

However, this weekend was SOOOOO fun. I haven't been around all of those girls at the same time for over 3 years, so needless to say - things got a little crazy. I will post some pictures. But probably not the ones that fall in any of the following categories:

1. Getting kicked out of the bar 2. Throwing up on 6th street 3. Busting into tears every 5 minutes because "I broke my knee!" 4. Taking jagerbombs 5. Drinking captain and diet like they are dr. pepper shootouts 6. Making out with random guys 7. Passing out on 6th street 8. Passing out in the front yard

Not ALL of those things happened to me personally, but they all happened to at least one person in our group. (Any guesses which ones I can claim?)

Well, here we are, 4 years later.... doing it again. I think we've all calmed down a bit, which is good. But just in case, I'll warn you once again... if you see us coming your way, HIDE. ;)

(In case you're wondering, I dislocated my kneecap and it took about 6 weeks to heal.)

*Names changed to protect privacy



Weird things...

This morning, my palms were itching, so MWG said "That means you are going to get some money." I made him go check the lottery numbers, but alas - we did not win. But guess what? You know the conference I had to go to for grad school? Well, I applied for a grad school travel award and when I got home, I had an acceptance letter that said I was going to get $300! Woo-hoo! That does not even cover my airfare, but at least it helps. So my itchy palms were right.

Not too long ago, I blogged about boots that I want. Just for fun, I went to zappos.com to see if they had any deals. And they had THE EXACT PAIR that I identified as my favorites on sale for half-price! (The ones with the butterfly.) They were the ONLY pair that were on sale for half-price, so I took it as a sign and bought them. (I justified it with the idea that I will carry my old Coach purses for one more season instead of getting a new one like I really really want to do.) They arrived today. I ordered a 9.5 because that is what I wear. They fit but fit exactly.... so I'm wondering if I should exchange them for a 10? I haven't worn a pair of boots since the lime green ones I had in 7th grade, so I don't remember if they stretch? Any advice? So far, MWG says I should exchange them, because it is always better for shoes to be a little big - I could always wear big socks. (And since I've already had ONE bunion surgery, I'm inclined to agree with him.) I guess I should go down to Allen's and try on a 10.

Still procrastinating, but since a paper is due tomorrow night by midnight, I must get started.


procrastinate much?

I have roughly a year left before I complete my masters degree... 3 hours this summer, 6 in the fall, then 3 next spring. I'm blessed in the sense that I am a "school" person. For the most part, I can whip out a paper or pass a test pretty easily.*

But that has ruined me. Since I know that I CAN and WILL get it done, I tend not to get started on things like I should. For instance, I have a rather large paper that I should totally be working on right now. But instead, I have read through your blogs, checked facebook and sent a few emails. (Thank goodness I don't have cable, or I'd be sucked into some "Real Housewives" or "Flip this House" or "Iron Chef" marathon.) Once I hit "publish" on this little entry I might get started, but it is a gorgeous day outside and I'd really rather take advantage of it.

That's all.

*Does not apply to highly scientific and/or mathematical scenarios.


tree hugging

How can I say this.... I think the "green" movement is a little ridiculous. But hear me out.....

I guess I think it is ridiculous because isn't it all just common sense? I mean, it just seems absurd that we need people to remind us to conserve water, or to use paper instead of plastic, or to watch the amount of trash you accumulate or not to waste things. Right? Or is this just because I grew up in a household with very limited disposable income? (NO disposable income at times.)

We conserved water because there were 5 kids sharing one bathroom and you had to be quick. No 30 minute showers when you have people pounding on the door because they need to get in.

We turned off the lights because we were told to - and it made sense.... none of us wanted the electric bill to be excessive.

My mom used cloth diapers because they couldn't afford disposable. (she finally caved in when there were 3 kids in diapers...) Personally, I just don't like the thought of poop floating around in my washing machine, so if you must judge me for choosing disposable when the time comes, you go right ahead. Judge on.

We saved and recycled aluminum cans in the hopes that we could make a few dollars.

To this day, I wash plastic silverware if it isn't yucky because, well- why throw it out if you can re-use it? (I don't put it out at picnics, don't worry. But then again, you wouldn't know if I did.) I also wash ziploc baggies. (But only if it was holding something dry like trail mix. I wash them and then use it for something else, like an opened bag of salad or something. No cross-contamination, don't worry.)

We didn't use Styrofoam at all, but that was mostly because my dad hated the sound of it squeaking. Regardless, we used those flimsy paper plates - just one - on a paper plate holder.

We also used canvas bags for everything. EVERYTHING. Although they were dorky duffel bags instead of the cool bags they have these days, but they served the same purpose.

(This is the part where I try to shove my crazy right-wing opinion down your throat, so skip if you wish)

My problem with Earth Day is that it should be every day. Those of us that went to even one day of Sunday school know that the Bible has plenty to say about conserving the Earth and tending to land and being good to everything. I mean if God made it, wouldn't it make sense that he wants us to take care of it? Instead of going green because it is trendy, do what is good, do what is right - in all things. I guess we needed Al Gore to invent global warming in order for people to take it seriously. Whatever.

Happy Earth Day.


you've got to be kidding


This t-shirt is $1625.
And we wonder what is wrong with the world. Go feed some damn orphans and I bet they'll give you a ratty t-shirt for free.

(The t-shirt makes me angry but the blog I saw it on always makes me happy.)


These boots are made for walkin'

So, 2 of my good friends have Old Gringo boots and I love them. I've been looking at them for awhile, but was prompted to resume my search when I saw this pair in a magazine:


They come in several colors.

But then I kept looking and found all these other pairs that I loved....

Eden (I love the embroidery but think they might be too tall)

Tatoo (love the short boots - how cute would these be with a jean skirt?)

Siena (not crazy about the heel, but love that they could black OR brown)

Atlantic (These come in lots of colors too)

And, I think (?) these might be my favorite:


Now if I could just win the lotto.


no rhyme or reason to this one

The ads on the side of my facebook page were particularly funny to me this afternoon:
1.) I've spent quite a bit of time in Dallas, yet I've never run into a fella that looks like this. If you live up there, be on the look-out for him.

2.) That Dachshund looks like it needs training alright! In fact, it looks like it also needs some sort of exorcism.

3.) These ads freak me out because they make me feel like "big brother" is always watching.

I like that Phil Mickelson is probably going to win the Masters. I'm sure he is no angel, but then again, none of us are - but most of us aren't QUITE as obvious about it as Tiger. It seems like somewhat of a moral victory.... Phil is so supportive and loyal to his wife and mother with breast cancer, so I root for him.

We were supposed to go take pictures of the wildflowers today but I fell asleep. I actually don't care if you think it is cheesy to have pictures taken in a field of bluebonnets, it makes me happy. Hopefully they'll still be around next weekend.

We are going to try and plant a garden - jalepenos, peppers, tomatoes, basil, oregano, etc. I hope that at least a few tomatoes and the basil grow so that I can eat caprese salad all summer.

That is all.


2 out of 3

I stumbled upon this new blog by a girl named Lyndsay and I think I love it. Granted, I've only been following her for about a week, but her post today was fun. She talks about this site that matches colors to your birthday. (for those of you that know about things like graphic design, it is a site about pantones.)

My color is "Beryl Green" and is actually quite nice. It indicates that I am:



Do you think you know which two I agree with?

(I also looked up Larry and my sister's birthdays.... theirs seemed more accurate than mine.)


It may seem like Friday night... but Sunday is on the way...

I'm a peepaholic. I think it has already been documented on this blog that I love the sugary, marshmallowy goodness. My parents encourage this addiction.... my mom often sends me peeps in the mail (I think she spends more on postage than the peeps themselves!) They also sent Larry and I this really cute card for Easter this year:
I'm headed to the store to get the ingredients to make Peepshi. (Thanks to M for sending me the idea!) Since I gave up chocolate, I am also going to work in some sort of chocolate candy - not sure what yet. If they work, I will post pictures. If not, I will not bring up the subject again.
For those of you going somewhere or hosting people on Easter, I predict that you'll be the most popular kid in town if you show up with this Sunflower cake:
For those of you with kids, I recommend hitting the Easter candy aisle on Monday, buying some peeps on sale and making Rice Peepsie Treats:
Happy Easter to you and your peeps.