procrastinate much?

I have roughly a year left before I complete my masters degree... 3 hours this summer, 6 in the fall, then 3 next spring. I'm blessed in the sense that I am a "school" person. For the most part, I can whip out a paper or pass a test pretty easily.*

But that has ruined me. Since I know that I CAN and WILL get it done, I tend not to get started on things like I should. For instance, I have a rather large paper that I should totally be working on right now. But instead, I have read through your blogs, checked facebook and sent a few emails. (Thank goodness I don't have cable, or I'd be sucked into some "Real Housewives" or "Flip this House" or "Iron Chef" marathon.) Once I hit "publish" on this little entry I might get started, but it is a gorgeous day outside and I'd really rather take advantage of it.

That's all.

*Does not apply to highly scientific and/or mathematical scenarios.


sarahsmile3 said...

Everybody does a little better under pressure. It's a fact.
Hope to see you at JJ's BBQ.

My capsha is :laringl"

Amy said...

Next time your procrastinating on facebook, you need to join the group "Procrastinators Unite!...tomorrow, though."

Pat said...

I'm sorry--you inherited this trait from me...although I occasionally overcome it!

Jessica said...

I think Behnkes should get disability for our hereditary procrastination genes..