tree hugging

How can I say this.... I think the "green" movement is a little ridiculous. But hear me out.....

I guess I think it is ridiculous because isn't it all just common sense? I mean, it just seems absurd that we need people to remind us to conserve water, or to use paper instead of plastic, or to watch the amount of trash you accumulate or not to waste things. Right? Or is this just because I grew up in a household with very limited disposable income? (NO disposable income at times.)

We conserved water because there were 5 kids sharing one bathroom and you had to be quick. No 30 minute showers when you have people pounding on the door because they need to get in.

We turned off the lights because we were told to - and it made sense.... none of us wanted the electric bill to be excessive.

My mom used cloth diapers because they couldn't afford disposable. (she finally caved in when there were 3 kids in diapers...) Personally, I just don't like the thought of poop floating around in my washing machine, so if you must judge me for choosing disposable when the time comes, you go right ahead. Judge on.

We saved and recycled aluminum cans in the hopes that we could make a few dollars.

To this day, I wash plastic silverware if it isn't yucky because, well- why throw it out if you can re-use it? (I don't put it out at picnics, don't worry. But then again, you wouldn't know if I did.) I also wash ziploc baggies. (But only if it was holding something dry like trail mix. I wash them and then use it for something else, like an opened bag of salad or something. No cross-contamination, don't worry.)

We didn't use Styrofoam at all, but that was mostly because my dad hated the sound of it squeaking. Regardless, we used those flimsy paper plates - just one - on a paper plate holder.

We also used canvas bags for everything. EVERYTHING. Although they were dorky duffel bags instead of the cool bags they have these days, but they served the same purpose.

(This is the part where I try to shove my crazy right-wing opinion down your throat, so skip if you wish)

My problem with Earth Day is that it should be every day. Those of us that went to even one day of Sunday school know that the Bible has plenty to say about conserving the Earth and tending to land and being good to everything. I mean if God made it, wouldn't it make sense that he wants us to take care of it? Instead of going green because it is trendy, do what is good, do what is right - in all things. I guess we needed Al Gore to invent global warming in order for people to take it seriously. Whatever.

Happy Earth Day.


Anonymous said...

While I completely, COMPLETELY agree that it should be common sense, IMHO there are still SO many people who don't even consider it b/c they have so many other things to worry about. I think throwing out small ideas here and there that are easy to remember (shut the water off when you brush your teeth)helps. Honestly, I don't remember being brought up that way, not that I've ever been terribly wasteful or that we had tons of money to spend, but more that my brother and I were latchkey kids with crazy busy parents. (I *think* I turned out ok, ha!) Although our educators aren't babysitters, kids are now learning so much in school about these things. I think it's awesome!

I, too, reuse as much as possible -remember our gross water bottle re-use issue? LOL It's also hard in a family of two when only one of us regularly eats fruit and veggies. It's an ongoing battle of trying not to waste. I would like to say Debbie Meyers green bags are awesome.....and re-useable! On another note, you'll have to pry my clorox wipes out of my cold, dead hands.

sarahsmile3 said...

Good point, Bee. Having only day to celebrate taking care of the earth is ridiculous. When is hallmark going to cash in (or have they already)?

No comment on the "invention" of global warming.

sarahsmile3 said...

Now that I think about it, I learned most of my conservation habits from your mom and Margaret's mom.
Thanks Pat!

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize (shameful) that Earth Day actually started in 1970,three years before I was born!

Al Gore was 22 at the time Earth Day was getting going. He was busy getting hitched to Tipper and being shipped off to Vietnam when Earth Day was started.

He's just tardy to the party like a lot of folks!

"Miss Bee" said...

Laurie, I've actually thought about getting the Debbie Meyer green bags - glad to hear they are legit!

"Miss Bee" said...

Sarah, I misspoke. I confused the invention of global warming with the invention of the internet. ;)

I guess I just wonder if people would "care" this much if An Inconvenient Truth hadn't gotten so much buzz? (Haven't seen it, but that doesn't mean anything... remember, I also haven't seen "Up.")

Regardless, MWG and I will continue to do our part by using the florescent bulbs, barely using heat in the winter (brrrr) and keeping a timer on/lowering the temperature of the hot water heater. (You can ask Annie, who got to take a chilly bath this weekend, lol!)

sarahsmile3 said...

I have not seen Al's movie either. You should probably watch UP before you watch that one as you are already good on your conservation techniques.

Pat said...

I think big families, rather than stretching the earth's resources, actually help to conserve them, for reasons you already stated. thanks for taking me back a few years....

Aaron and Andie said...

We've always done our part, not to be cool of course, and not just one day out of the year. And, like yourself, my childhood was quite the same. I do cloth diaper, but I also use 'sposies. I don't look down on anyone for living the life they want and making different decisions. That's what makes us human. If everyone thought the same, did everything the same, and so forth, this world would be quite boring. Being different is a good thing. The Al Gore thing I could've done without, though. :-)

Jessica said...

being poor makes me "greener." :) waste not, want not.