I was having a bad day not too long ago.  It was just one of those "blech" days, you know.  And in the midst of it, I got to thinking about how weird it is to get older.  I mean, I love being in my thirties, but there *is* a drastic difference from being in my twenties.  The key difference would be that I'm no longer an IDIOT, but besides that.... I started remembering how fun it was to go out with my girl friends.  And how boys would offer to buy me drinks. I would usually refuse (and make them feel like morons in the process, sorry guys.) However, it was nice to be noticed. That hasn't happened in quite awhile. Granted, I usually only go out with my boyfriend, who is a hunk of a man and surely scares other testosterone based humans away. But still. You know what I mean. You notice when people stop noticing you.

So anyway - you know how I know God cares about me and my concerns, regardless of how trivial and insignificant they might be?  Well, this weekend, I got noticed.  And it felt good. I was sitting at the "to-go" counter, waiting for my food, when out of nowhere, a man asked me if I was eating hummus, and proceeded to converse with me about whether it was good or not. 

About 5 minutes after he walked away, a man came up to me and asked me where I was from.  I got the whole "Where did you go to high school?" line. When it was abundantly clear that he did not know me from high school, we went through the whole "I guess you just look like somebody I know"  awkwardness.

THEN, I was at the convenience store buying a mega millions lottery ticket and a bottle of wine (because I'm classy,) and the clerk asked how old I was.  It caught me off guard, because I don't get carded very often.  So I said I was 35.  (I'm 34, oops.)  I was taking kind of a long time getting my money put back into my wallet and apologized to the guy behind me.  He assured me that it was no problem and that he would have guessed that I was "about 22, not 35!"

 Lest you think I am going through some sort of phase and am wanting attention of men other than my own man, don't be alarmed.  I told Larry about all of the above as soon as I got home.  Is it kind of pathetic that I am capturing this on the internet?  Probably.  But, you know what?  I needed it.


south by south WHAT

I have lots to say about my first SXSW adventure, but the first thing is that I'M TIRED!  5 days of walking, standing in line, dancing, singing along, dodging traffic, cocktails, and witnessing riff-raff makes for an exhausted Rachel.  However, I'm so glad I did it.  It really is an awesome experience.  I will definitely do it again in some form or fashion.

I did not have any up close and personal celebrity sightings unless you count Carson Daly and Brad "The Bachelor" Womack.  (side note - that dude is extremely attractive in real life.  As is his twin brother.)  But I did see some kick-@$$ shows.  (I use words like "kick-@$$" now because I have some street cred.)  I should do a whole post over the shows and include pictures, but that would require much more effort than I have right now.  A brief recap:

Fiona Apple
Sharon Van Etten
The Oh Sees
Alberta Cross
J Roddy Walston and the Business
Delta Spirit
Saint Motel
Milo Greene
Citizen Cope
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes
Mumford and Sons
Mike Ferris (he was on my SXSW schedule but I missed the show.... but he performed at church this morning, I'm going to count it!)

Highlight was the Delta Spirit show.  Check them out.

Now I must finish the week of chores that I've neglected.  Word to your mutha.


other things

Other thoughts that I would share with a younger me:

On the list of "future kid names:"  Kimberly is a perfectly nice name.  But "Kymber Lee" is a bit much.  Naming twin girls "Brooklyn and Brittyn" wouldn't have been unique. (Also, there are zero instances of twins in your family, so it probably isn't necessary to plan for them.)  And there is a 50% chance you could have a boy, so you might want to consider male names as well.

On the German exchange student:  Instead of being upset that you weren't selected to be on the Homecoming Court, be a little more gracious to the German exchange student who asked you to the game and dance.  He is actually pretty cute and very nice.  And he bought you an awesome mum.  And he paid for your chicken crispers at Chilis.  It wouldn't have killed you to befriend him for the remainder of the semester.

On mom having breast cancer:  Go see her more often.  She has CANCER and she only lives 20 minutes away.  You are not THAT busy.  You could go to class, run over for lunch, then go to work.  You're lucky she beat it and you don't have to regret the time you didn't spend with her.

On "Saved by the Bell" and "Beverly Hills, 90210:"  Totally worth watching.  But if you missed anything, their reruns will live on in eternity.
On "those" girls:  The ones that are prettier, skinnier, richer, funnier, better dressers, exude confidence, are more articulate, more polished,  more WHATEVER.  They are going to exist in some form or fashion for the rest of your life.  You are enough.  And the moment you finally believe it will be life-changing.



Thing #1 that I would tell a younger me:

That long-stemmed red rose that you think you want tattooed on the top of your left breast?  NO.

Fortunately, I listened to myself. I think about that now - if I was to look down and see a shriveled, gross rose on my boob.... ew.  There should be a 3-day waiting period on tattoos for anyone younger than 25.