say cheese

I have to admit, I don't mind my current driver's license picture. It is off center and my forehead looks kind of big and shiny, but it is not too bad as far as driver's license pictures go.
I haven't had to get a new DL in probably 10 years. I don't know why, I just haven't had to. Last time, I got to renew online. The State of Texas has come out with fancy new licenses, which I don't have yet. But apparently I will. I got a notice that I have to renew my license IN PERSON. I tried to cheat and do it online but it wouldn't let me. It said I MUST report to my nearest DPS office.

Well, now I have a driver's license that has been expired for a week for three reasons:

1. It is going to take hours to sit at the DPS and get it renewed.

2. I need to go to the eye doctor first. I'm not sure if I'm required to say I wear corrective lenses if I just wear a contact to sleep in?

3. More importantly, I know it is shallow, but I really need to wait for a day that my hair looks good.

I guess there is an upside.... no matter how the new picture turns out, it can't possibly be any worse than my passport!
YIKES! (my only consolation is that this is probably what I look like after being on a plane for 10+ hours.)


lee greenwood was no fool

On a normal day, I would giggle about how my sister and I both managed to use our cheerleading photo poses. Or how it was cool to wear your socks tall in 1997 - - - with athletic shoes, regardless of what your outfit was. Or how it was obviously chilly out (according to the jackets) but we both managed to wear short jean shorts. Or I would long for those days when there wasn't an ounce of cellulite on those legs.

But for today, I will say a prayer for all those affected by 9/11. Not just those victims, family members and first responders that day, but also for all the service men and women and their families who have experienced war as a result. And I will say a prayer that if/when I'm faced with adversity, I will be able to keep my faith and be as brave as Todd Beamer (among others) was that day. ("Let's Roll.") And I will say a prayer that we can all be as proud of our country as we were in the months following 9/11. That we can all remember that no matter what, "the flag still stands for freedom, and they can't take that away."

God bless the USA.


2000+ square feet of crap?

I got to go to Europe for 21 days in 2007. We were only allowed to take one large suitcase. Seeing as how I usually pack multiple outfits for each day on a normal trip, (what if it gets chilly? what if we go out? what if we stay in and hang out?) this was difficult for me. But oh my gosh, it was so freeing. I packed my 5 tank tops and 3 shorts and 2 capris and 3 t-shirts and 6 underwear and one "nice" outfit for the Vatican, and just washed clothes as needed in the hotel sinks. (no dryers - everything air dries.) I didn't smell as good as I do in the USA and my clothes didn't feel as soft, but I didn't care.

When I got back, I seriously considered getting rid of everything besides what was in that suitcase.

Then I remembered that I can't wear an Old Navy tank top and jean capris to work, so I didn't.

But the wildfires this week have got me thinking again.

We weren't sure what was going to happen - at one point, the fires got as close as 5 miles - so we went ahead and packed our "get away" bags. Let me just say, we have a bunch of crap. And to be honest, we have a bunch of *nice* crap. But everything we really wanted to take fit in 4 grocery bags. Mostly pictures, passports, some mementos of Larry's dad, some jewelry, the cutting board made out of olive wood that I got in the aforementioned trip to Italy, and a VHS of me in high school practicing my cheerleading dance. I took a picture of everything else just in case we needed it for insurance purposes. Oh, and I was going to grab my nice bottle of wine from the wine fridge on my way out the door. (Along with my dog and computer of course.) It seems that we could live quite comfortably with everything we *really* want in approximately 500 square feet. (The one thing I would miss that we couldn't pack??? - the backyard.)

It was really scary for awhile, and I know it is still scary for far too many people. But I must say that I am so proud of Texas, and I hope that the response to tragedy is the same in every state. They actually said on the news that they basically did not need any more donations for the time being because all of the donation centers were at capacity. Granted, people will need help for many months in order to get back on their feet, but at least for now maybe they can feel that they are wrapped in the arms of their community. Once they are ready for more donations, perhaps it will be time for me to clean out some of this "crap" that I realized I can totally live without.


happy labor day

You know you've been neglecting the house when you don't even have to decorate for Labor Day... because your July 4th centerpiece is still out.

Hope you've had a good, long weekend!


what a crock

I love my crockpot.

In fact, using it at least 11 times was one of my goals for 2011. I've probably already hit that goal, but I plan to use it lots more (if it ever dips below 100 degrees.)

I traded in a bunch of my grad school textbooks and got Amazon credit - with which I bought my crockpot.

It has a 2, 4, and 6 quart dish, which means I can make anything from a small batch of queso to a huge pot roast. So please don't take this post personally. I repeat - I love my crockpot.

However, I chose not to "like" the Crock Pot Girls facebook page. I clicked on it and it just didn't appeal to me. Obviously it appealed to many others, because I get at least one notice a day that one of my friends has "liked" the Crock Pot Girls.
I haven't thought much more about it... until I got a text from a friend last night. (she can own up to it if she wants, which she should, because it was HILARIOUS.) It said, "How about you, me, and Jane go on a photo shoot looking all strung out and trashy and then post the photos to facebook and ask everyone to like our page.... Crack Pipe Girls." Ha!