Aunt Indulgences

Here are my nieces and nephews. (Except for Dawsen and William.)

I want to be a better Aunt this year. Vincent, the one I am holding, asked me FIVE times: "What your name?" Seeing as how he, John, Mary and Sarah are spending almost a year in South Africa, staying in touch could be difficult, but I am going to download skype and get a webcam so that I can talk to them. But Annie and Molly are both within 400 miles, so I plan on seeing them as much as possible.

That's all.


M--- said...

That's a really good resolution actually! I wish I could be an aunt... *sniff*

sarahsmile3 said...

I miss the summers that I would have my nieces and nephew visit me for a weekend each. I hope to start that up again this summer.
Looks like you will be making more trips to Lubbock than usual.