The blog post where I share my secrets on how to be a cheap date

Some may say I am walking a thin line and that I am dangerously close to becoming full-blown white trash.

I say, "I saved at least 20 dollars on that tab!"

Look and learn:





Now, I don't always sneak liquor into places. In fact, the pictures above are really the only times I have tried it. (Although Lana says I did it at her wedding, but I don't recall that. But I drank LOTS back then, so no telling.) But it really does come in handy - for instance, those drinks in Vegas are high dollar, you know? And on New Year's Eve, my plate itself was over $30 - just imagine what it would have been if I had ordered cocktails! Granted, if I don't want to spend money on drinks, I could just NOT drink, but what fun would that be? I just wish there was some quality wine that came in mini bottles. That's where they really get you. $7 a glass for Blackstone Merlot? I beg to differ.

I would recommend trying this "sneak alcohol in" method of thriftiness somewhere safe to begin with. After all, it is illegal. Dangit, I guess I just blew my chances of ever running for public office.

Stay tuned for the best way to hang foil over your windows and tips on planting flowers in an old toilet.


Amanda said...

I'd get caught for sure. You must have mad skills. I think you've saved enough money to purchase something quite lovely for yourself.

Amy said...

As for Lana's accusation, I was a witness (okay, maybe not a 100% reliable one), and I don't recall that either! I do, however, recall that maybe instead of sneaking in alcohol, we stole it? Possibly some Tito's vodka? I don't know, like I said, not 100% reliable...

Anonymous said...

I love you my ghetto friend!

"Miss Bee" said...

Amy - ohmygosh. Yeah, we still owe Lana a bottle of Tito's!!!