Friday, September 20: React to this term: comfort. 

When I think of "reacting," I imagine that I need to say the first thing that comes to mind. So if I'm reacting to the word comfort, here are the first 2 things I thought of:

1. My mom's "hobo casserole." I don't think that is what we called it - I'm pretty sure my sister-in-law named it that out of pure disgust. It was potatoes, hot dogs and celery in a white roux. I'm guessing it evolved out of desperation one night when my mom realized she had to feed a family of 7 and only had a few potatoes, one hot dog and a stalk of celery. She made it work - and to this day, I bet my siblings and I would fight over who gets the most pieces of hot dogs on our plates. Memories of that one meal (always served in a 5 qt silver Dutch oven) remind me of home, of family, of warmth, of comfort.

2. Ill apologize in advance to my dad or brothers reading, but the other thing that came to mind is the beautiful action of unhooking my bra each night. Ahhhhhhhh - comfort.


sarahsmile3 said...

You have told me about that casserole before. I think you should make it for dinner some night and have me over.

And I totally agree about the bra thing. ; )

Knitrageous said...

Oh yes, the bra thing. Only a female (or a guy wearing a bra) would understand!

Barbeque weenies at my house. Not as elegant but for the same reasons! ha ha

Jessica said...

Yes on the bra. And on the hobo casserole! (A can of green beans in it, too!) Mom would ask what we wanted for our special birthday dinner, and I chose that more often than not! Haha!

A woman unhooking her bra (and also, in my case, taking my hair down at the end of the day from a high pony tail or bun) is equivalent to a man wearing a jock strap all day and then taking it off. (That's how I explain it to Jeff, anyway. I imagine it's a similar relief and comfort!)

Pat said...

You got it right, Rachel, except I used a WHOLE PACKAGE of hot dogs :)
Once you cut them lengthwise twice and quarter them and saute them, they sort of spread out among the other ingredients. And don't forget--if you're really livin,' you ad some grated cheese or Velveeta! I still like it too!