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Tuesday, September 17: A memory you would love to relive.

Man.  I just reviewied all the albums in my facebook and I don't think I can choose just one memory!  I've had some really amazing experiences, fun times, and cute kids to hang out with.

But for the purpose of this blog, I will say I'd like to relive Larry's most recent milestone birthday... primarily the gift-giving part!  I love to find the "perfect" gift, and I have to admit that I knocked this one out of the park.

Attending a basketball at Duke's Cameron Indoor Arena was something he'd always dreamed of.  So I bought him tickets and planned a trip.

Here he is opening the card I made him:

He was so confused at first, then speechless!  He was so excited, and it was contagious,

We went to North Carolina and got an extra treat when we realized the leaves were every color under the sun.  It was beautiful and every part of it was memorable.  It really was one of my favorite trips ever.


Jessica said...

I just got teary just looking at his face in those pictures! I bet your nose turned all red. :)

Love this memory for you! (fyi, Larry plays a role in one of my memories on my blog today, too. The one where Annie learned that she's magical...)

sarahsmile3 said...

Larry looks really good in those pics! I love the one of you and him on the court. That really was a fantastic birthday surprise! You both show how much you love each other in many ways. One of which is how you plan surprises for each other. It truly is a beautiful thing.