5 things

I've really been enjoying this whole "not being in school anymore" thing. I also really enjoyed my graduation party. I feel like I should document at least a little more of it before I move onto the actual graduation trip.

So, some other assorted pictures and nuggets of information:

1. Sarah was an excellent person to keep me busy. Not only did she not let on even one tiny hint while we were gallivanting around town, she also had me "try on" some of her favorite lipgloss before we pulled into the driveway. I really like lipgloss, so I didn't think it was odd. I thought she just wanted me to try it.... but she wanted me to have shiny lips for all the pictures that were about to be taken!

2. The night before the party, I decided to do all my hand/delicate wash. I had clothes "laying flat to dry" and hanging up all over the place. Larry asked me on Saturday morning if we could put it away now, and I got all sassy and told him to put up a door if he didn't like looking into the laundry room. (I did finally huff and puff and move it to a back bedroom.)

3. The little wrappers with my face on them that were on the miniature candy bars made excellent rings:

4. Josh says that when you get your Masters, you are supposed to get punched in the nose. I think we did an excellent job at posing for this picture.

5. No graduation party (or any party for that matter) is complete without sitting around with guitars and song.


sarahsmile3 said...

That was a great party. We will talk about it for years and you will remember it forever.
Unless you get Alzheimer's.

Cheeseboy said...

Yep, that is almost EXACTLY how my Master's grad party went. Only I punched other people in the face. With the guitars.