C is for concussion.

I don't think I actually have a concussion, but I do have a large, tender bump on the right side of my forehead.

I threw a baby shower today for a coworker. Here I am in the cute apron Sarah gave me for graduation (and the amazing, enormous 4 layer chocolate cream cake...)

Since I was dragging all the dining room chairs into the living room for extra seating, I decided they could use a nice cleaning. So I dusted all the nooks and crannies... and as I was dusting, I banged my head really hard against the corner of the table.

Here is an upclose shot of my head - I don't know if you can see the bump, but it's there:

This is why I don't dust.


sarahsmile3 said...

Sorry about the bump. At least you look all cute in that apron! I mean, you are lookin' all fit and in shape! Woot!

Back to the bump... do you remember that pic of you when you were a toddler and you had this huge goose egg bump on your forehead? Yeah, that was killer.

"Miss Bee" said...

Yes - I remember it! I totally should have compared this picture to my elephant man photo. This bump has nothing on that.

Pat said...

Yup--the toddler bump is the one I remember--and can even picture. You did a great job of disguise...