B is for Balderdash.

When I was really young, my family and I would sit around and play "The Dictionary Game." We would pass around this giant blue dictionary that came with our encyclopedia set and pick a word. You read the word out loud and each person has to write down a definition. As the "word picker," you write down the actual definition. All definitions are read out loud and all players vote on which definition they think is the correct one. (You may think that was dorky, but my parents are 5 for 5 on children with college degrees, so perhaps it worked!)

As we grew older, a game company created this into a board game: "Balderdash." (For the record, our favorite version is actually "Beyond Balderdash.")

They went through and found all the best words. It has become somewhat of a family tradition to play it anytime the family is gathered. Each time, I am amazed at the creativity and intelligence of all the players. It is difficult to choose the correct answer. The game deliberately uses obscure words... one of the most memorable from one of our game sessions is the word "shittah."

Now, you can be a party pooper and look it up, or you can pretend you're playing Balderdash.

Is the definition of "shittah":

- fibrous innards of bamboo plant
- part of large weaving loom
- knotted Arabic tree
- fancy British toilet (I'm pretty sure somebody gave an answer like that)
- the thorax of a bumblebee

If you guessed a knotted Arabic tree, you are correct.


Knitrageous said...

I'm not kidding and I promise I didn't peek. I actually guessed knotted Arabic tree. But I didn't know. It was a guess. But right now...I'll take any win I can get!

sarahsmile3 said...


"Miss Bee" said...

Yeah Knit!!! Your roots aren't as blonde as you claim they are! ;) But in all seriousness - sorry you're currently the bug. (You know, sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug?)

M. J. Macie said...

As I began a career as a writer I've found the dictionary to be a norm in my life. I love words and word games. I love looking them up and spelling and found I've learned this by my passion for reading. I told my children, "Find a genre you like to read and enjoy yourself reading it. Before you know it, you're spelling will improve 100% and all your grades will go up in school." Reading does so much for the brain. I love it! Games like Balderdash are essential. If you enjoy learning, you'll learn a lot.
M.J. Macie