Day 26

Prompt 26 from "the list" is a (true) funny story. I would have saved the "leg watch" story for today had I looked ahead. So instead, I'll tell you one that involves my sister.

(Here we are at my surprise graduation party - seeing her there got me all confused. I think I asked her like 3 times, "how did you get here?")

I have always loved baby white seals. Animals don't get much cuter than that. I even have a "baby white seal" face that you can ask me about after I've had a glass or two of wine. So anyway, until I was about 23 - if I saw a stuffed baby white seal or a postcard or anything really, I would get it.

One Christmas - probably 12ish years ago, I unwrapped a present from my sister. They were the most precious baby white seal slippers. They looked something like this:

I tried them on and they were a little snug. Jessica said, "they should fit, they are one size fits all!" So I turned them upside down, and there on the bottom, it said:


She said, "See? Small, medium and large - one size!" Somebody said, "Or it stands for "SMALL!" and we all cracked up. I still crack up about it.

Just because I can't resist it, I will add on to this story. 2 years ago, all five of us kids decided to go in together and get my parents a new TV. They were given a giant (and I mean giant - like 4 feet tall) TV, which is what they used. It was so huge - and since my parents don't really watch that much TV, it was just a bit much. So we got them a 32" flat screen.

I didn't arrive until later in the day, but apparently when they opened it, Jessica said something like, "Sweet! A V twelve ten! "
Translated: V-12-10..... or Sony "Vizio." Ha!


larry said...

Gotta love G unit!

sarahsmile3 said...

Hahahah! Love it.

Cheeseboy said...

Now THAT is funny! Ha ha! White seals are protected, right?

Kristen said...

I love your sister - she see's things a little differently!

The Tame Lion said...

Absolutely fantastic! Yeah!

Jai said...

BWAHAHAHAHA Hahahahaaha. Whew. (Shoulder laugh on that one!) And, no it was NOT "Sweet, a V 12 10." When they finally got it working, I said "Oh, look, the V 12 10 lights up." :)

Hey, I've gotta keep the brilliant but ditzy blonde thing alive, right?

Joseph said...

Vizio is a brand in itself, you're probably thinking of Sony Vaio. Karma burn!