Night #1

Today is my first "free" weeknight without any school obligations. So far, I have been very productive.

- stripped the guest bed sheets
- went to the gym
- went to the grocery store (but only for dinner ingredients)
- cooked dinner
- unloaded the clean dishwasher
- loaded the dinner dishes
- started a load of laundry
- took 3 pairs of my shoes to the closet
- poured a glass a wine and sat down at the computer
- wrote this blog

Last night, I managed to resize a few of my concert photos. I want to do a blog post for each event, but it is just going to take so long and I don't feel like doing it tonight. So instead, I will show you why it is important to be careful when you are photographed wearing a puffy blouse:

Fortunately, the stranger who took the picture said, "you might want to look at it and make sure you like it." When I said, "Oh my gosh! Look how puffy my shirt is! Can you take another one?", she said, "Yeah, I thought you might want another one." What a difference an arm around the waist can make!
These were taken at the Citizen Cope concert. If you haven't heard him, you should give him a try. He wouldn't be the best person to invite to a "Just Say No to Dope" event, but he puts on the best acoustic show I've ever seen. (Especially from the 2nd row, what-what!) Lifeline and Bullet and a Target are a couple of my favorites, Hurricane is Larry's. But really, I could listen to him all day, doesn't really matter what album. He is one of those artists.

Larry says he reminds him of Jim Croce. I'll be honest - I don't know jack about Jim, but Larry says it is because his songs tell a story. You can decide for yourself.


sarahsmile3 said...

"I don't know Jack about Jim."- My favorite line of this blog post.

Cheeseboy said...

I'll have to check out the music.

Doesn't really sound like a "free" night at all.

M--- said...

Those photos are like the quickest "before and after" shots I've ever seen! Too bad all my puffy shirted photos can't be so easily corrected!

Also, I agree with Sarah's comment!