Day 15 — My celebrity crush

I kind of already did a post about this - handsome fellas. I don't actually have a celebrity crush. There are several reasons for this:
A.) I'm not 12
B.) Brad Womack isn't actually a celebrity, he was just on a reality show. (twice.)
C.) I just am not the "crushing" type. It seems like it would take time and energy away from my ACTUAL relationship, and that just doesn't seem very productive.

However, I do like Simon Baker, aka Patrick Jane. I would say that if there is one show that the Magical White Guy and I don't want to miss, it would be the Mentalist. (Thursdays at 9 CST) I am choosing to name him as my celebrity crush because I have actually said, "I can't wait for Patrick Jane to come on tonight!"
(photo from USA Today)

So while I would say that out of every celebrity, Jim Caviezel is probably the most attractive to me (as in REALLY attractive), he does not appear to be as witty, clever or eccentric as the fictional Patrick Jane. And we all know that handsome doesn't always last - but clever is forever.


WhisperingWriter said...

Oo I LOVE Simon Baker! He is very attractive and I love his character on The Mentalist. I hope he gets that asshole Red John.

WandaN said...

I love him as well. He's the closest I've ever come to a celebrity crush. (OK I admit it, he is my celebrity crush!)

sarahsmile3 said...

"Clever is forever." I like that, Bee. I like it a lot.

My word verification was "sonala." It sounds like a Mexican retreat village. Come to Sonala, where the margaritas flow and the threat of being kidnapped by a cartel is low.