not good

I wrote a post last night and realized this morning that since I kinda sorta work for the state and this is a fairly public blog, I probably need to be a little more careful. I didn't say anything bad, just expressed my disappointment about learning that the school I used to work at laid off 25 people today. 25. And apparently they aren't done yet.

I've deleted the rest of what I wrote last night, because let's face it.... now would not be a good time to make any enemies. I'll just leave it with: I'm sad for the state our current educational system is in.


sarahsmile3 said...

These budget cuts are ridiculous! I work at a school with children who have special needs and our staff is worried about budget cuts. How are they going to cut funding for our children with special needs? Are you kidding me? We barely get by as it is!

Having said all of that, I must say I'm interested in performance based salaries for teachers as long as the performance is not measured by standardized test scores. (I won't go into why that is. I would end up writing my own blog right here in your comment section) We have to reward our talented, hard working teachers and eliminate the bums. Our children's education is too important to allow a crappy teacher to have the ability to screw it all up. Which brings me to the horror of the first in/first out rule.

It's all just one big mess. Private school, anyone?

Amy said...

I'm with both of you - it is certainly a depressing situation. I think you're right about not wanting teachers to feel "job-security" because then maybe they slack, thinking they can, but in a sense, that has been the biggest reason I've considered teaching. In our always-changing life, I thought I could go anywhere and do that. I guess not. I hope someone at the top quickly realizes that letting teachers go is a HUGE error. Our children are our future and the teachers are the bridge. How will we get there without them?

Laurie said...

I swear if I get one more "THE SKY IS FALLING WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO IF YOU CAN'T FIND A JOBBBBBBB!" comment I might vomit. I want to respond, "You're right, I should just quit school right now." Thanks for the fire drill folks! Things change constantly.

That being said - the last one in first one out rule makes my stomach hurt for the very reason Sarah posted. So terrible. I am all for (non test) performance/classroom management based reviews. I can't help but think that the teachers who are saying no to that aren't confident in their abilities...perhaps didn't go into teaching for the right reason. Then again, I spent many years in the corporate world where you were reviewed twice a year. It's nothing I'm afraid of - bring it on! I know I'm awesome!

Cheeseboy said...

Ouch. That sucks. I am fairly safe in my teaching job, but they are talking layoffs here too. And then we will be blamed when test scores go down.