the list

My friend Michelle borrowed something from her friend Martin Randomness who borrowed it from somebody else, so I don't know exactly where it came from. But oh, it is right up my alley. It takes me back to myspace bulletins, and if you were my myspace friend, you know how much I loved the bulletins. I would love to make a promise to do one a day for 30 days, but it is a lot more realistic to admit I'll probably just choose the ones I like the most. Plus, some of them are either too hard for me to think of or none of your business, so unless I am feeling creative enough to make a mockery of a topic I don't want to do, I'll just skip it.

Here is the list. Feel free to borrow it as well. Not sure when I'll start or if I'll do them consecutively, but as a tried and true rule follower, I like to have a structured list to work from. (Convenient that there are 30 of them, as my culminating grad school thesis portfolio is also due in about 30 days. This should be enough distraction to keep me properly balanced between procrastination and panic.)

Day 01 — A favorite song
Day 02 — A favorite movie 

Day 03 — A favorite TV show

Day 04 — A favorite book
Day 05 — A favorite quote 

Day 06 — A fun fact about me

Day 07 — A favorite photo

Day 08 — Something I crave 

Day 09 — Pet peeves

Day 10 — A photo of me taken over ten years ago 

Day 11 — A photo of me taken recently 

Day 12 — Something I bought recently 

Day 13 — Something I want to buy

Day 14 — An old photo 

Day 15 — My celebrity crush 

Day 16 — A favorite food

Day 17 — A photo of my family

Day 18 — A baby photo

Day 19 — A fun memory 

Day 20 — A hobby of mine

Day 21 — A favorite recipe 

Day 22 — A favorite joke

Day 23 — A video 

Day 24 — A travel story 

Day 25 — A favorite photo

Day 26 — A funny (true) story

Day 27 — A child I love

Day 28 — A place I love 

Day 29 — A person I love 

Day 30 — Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days


Knitrageous said...

OK, so color me dumb, but what exactly do you do? I have some other blogger friends who are doing thirty days of lists. Is it like that or do you write about that day? Just curious. Doesn't mean I can do it! ha ha

M--- said...

I'm eager to read your answers! And I've already fell off the one-a-day wagon! Looks like I'll be doubling up later today...look for it, as I'll be checking my RSS feed for YOURS! :o) Happy blogging!

Cheeseboy said...

I like this idea. Kinda wish my blog was the type that I could participate. Maybe I'll just answer all the questions at once. Would that be okay?

"Miss Bee" said...

Knit - I have no idea how you're SUPPOSED to do it, but since when do we follow rules? (Okay, don't answer that. I always follow rules. But in this case, I'm making up my own....)

M - your answers are making it difficult for me to get started!

Cheese - for your blog, you can answer all the questions at once. Perhaps you could do it from a first grader's perspective. Or maybe from some D list celebrity's perspective... that would be right up your alley!