all growed up

Eleven years ago I was in South Padre Island celebrating Spring Break. What I was celebrating, I'm not sure. But I celebrated nonetheless. For those of you who never went, this truly is what it looks like: (well, at least this is what it looked like the times I went. I don't know if it still looks like this. I doubt it, as I heard it is all dirty and has been infiltrated by thugs that bring guns and stuff. But anyway, this is what it looked like back then.)
(I got this picture from the internets but it didn't really have a credit. It is not mine but I especially like the really pale dude on the far left. I bet he got super sunburned by the end of this day and spent the rest of his vacation in extreme pain.) There are just people and beer everywhere. You wake up around noon, go to the beach until about 6pm, go home to shower and change from your swimsuit into your going out clothes (and maybe eat something if you have enough money) and then go out about 9pm until wee hours. The next day you rinse and repeat.

So far this Spring Break has consisted of me doing laundry, going to the gym, playing on the computer, rearranging patio furniture and raking leaves. I almost got a blister from the yard work today.

What a difference 11 years makes.


Cheeseboy said...

I never went to that kind of spring break. Not even once. So glad. It looks awful. Just awful.

"Miss Bee" said...

Cheese, if you ever had wandering thoughts wishing you had participated in a Spring Break, now you know they are unfounded. You're welcome.

Amanda said...

You were such a wild child! I always stayed in town and worked...now that I don't have SB, I kinda wish I would've gone a bit crazier! haha

M--- said...

We went to SPI during Spring Break a few years ago and it's pretty much the same as that photo...a meat market with more advertising now though. I don't know about the thugs and guns, but if I had seen 'em I'd have given them a stern talking to and maybe a dirty look. That'd teach 'em! HA!

I like my beaches less crowded now...so I'll go to SPI in October as usual. ;o)