For the 13th day of the month, the 13th prompt is "Something you want to buy." I cheated a little on this one, because I actually already bought it and applied it yesterday. This is quite possibly the most fun you can have with a 10 dollar bill:
The Sally Hansen Salon Effects are basically little strips of nail polish that you stick on your nails. Since I have short nails, I actually got 2 nails out of each strip, so I have a whole set ready for the next time I want to wear them. Supposedly they last 10 days, at which point you can just remove with nail polish remover. So the answer to the prompt is that something I would like to buy is another set of these suckers. I really like the "Frock Star" look. Another girl named JenPolishAholic has daily pictures on her flickr accout - she is wearing Frock Star and this is what hers looked like on the 10th day:

So there you have it. I could wish for a new car or a new purse or this technique or these shoes (among others), but all of those things require more disposable income that I'm willing/able to part with. Instead, I'll simply stick with Sally Hansen. If you need me, just look for the girl with the fancy nails.


Amy said...

Oooh! I've seen these in magazines! I just know I'm going to have to use them when we go back to the States because I'll be having withdrawals from my fancy pedicures.

sarahsmile3 said...

Oh man, I love these!

M--- said...

How fun are these??? I wanna play!