while I'm at it...

I was going through the pictures on my work blackberry and found some that I had forgotten about. Since I'm in the mood to post the precious comings-and-goings of my nieces and nephews, check these out. (the local paper in the small town where live they publishes all the school kids' "Letters to Santa.")

John doesn't mess around. He knows exactly what he wants and provides several options just to cover all his bases:

Vincent has diverse tastes - everything from fuzzy electric hamsters to assorted firearms:

Annie wants something for herself, but mostly so that she can share with her brother:

And then there is Mary.... if you notice, all the other letters were written to Santa. But Mary, she knows the real reason for the season.

We could all learn a little bit from her, don't you think? (And how many 1st graders use words like "fortunate?")


sarahsmile3 said...

Did santa give Vinny a gun? Hahaha! They are all so adorable.

ynez taylor said...

Yes, Vinnie got an AWESOME rubber band gun! (He loved it for 1.5 minutes...then went back to kicking the football!)

M--- said...

LOVE all of these! And your descriptions!