handsome fellas

I don't really get into movie stars. But, I'll admit that, in my opinion, there are a few gentlemen that are rather easy on the eyes. I realized that I have an affinity for a more "distinguished" fella. Cases in point:

Jim Caviezel (photo)

George Clooney (photo)

Tom Selleck (photo)

Pierce Brosnan (photo)

Bruce Willis (photo)

When MWG is scruffy, he looks a lot like Bruce. No reason for this post except for the fact that I'm excited about the new Tom Selleck show that is premiering tonight. In like 30 seconds, so I've gotta go.


sarahsmile3 said...

Jim Caviezel is yummy.

Melanie said...

Jimmy is the only one I think is really, really gorgeous. The rest....eh. There's something to be said about morals and as far as I know, Jim Caviezel is the only one on that list that has any. Which makes him really attractive in my book! Joseph and I sometimes sit around and try to figure out who is the most attractive person in Hollywood. Always, Jim C. comes up at the top of the list because he is handsome and moral. We still can't figure out a girl!

Amanda said...

Good choices, Bee. I LOVE me some Clooney and Brosnan. But heavy on the Clooney.