musings on 6th

Back in the day, I would be getting ready to go out and live it up in downtown Austin. After all, I don't have to work tomorrow! Instead, I will watch a movie and make it to bed before midnight. However, I will leave you with some random reflections of many a night on 6th street...

1. Don’t wear high heels if you will be drinking and there are grates in the sidewalk.

2. Don’t punch random boys in the face just because they won’t give you a bite of their pizza.

3. When you are standing next to Mark Cuban at a bar, flirt with him and at least get a free drink out of him since he is a zillionaire.

4. The drinks on “West 6th” are at least $2 more than the drinks on “Dirty 6th” but not being surrounded by questionable women in spandex makes it totally worth it.

5. Don’t go to “dirty 6th” past the age of 25. (and even 25 is pushing it.) Period.

6. Leslie now charges if you want to take a picture with him.

7. If your boyfriends tell you and your girlfriends to “stay together,” this does not mean that 2 of you stay together while 1 goes to get the car.

8. When you see a “celebrity,” always go talk to the people in their entourage that are standing on the outskirts. Chances are, they are much more interesting.

9. Telling 22 year old boys (when you are over the age of 22) that they are “so precious” and “just the cutest little things” tends to irritate them.

10. Pedicabs rock.


sarahsmile3 said...

Additionally, do not drink multiple double rum and diet cokes (especially on an empty stomach) just because you have free drink tickets. Doing so may lead to puking your guts up and then nearly passing out on the sidewalk. This type of activity will cause one of your friends to go get the car (by herself) while your other friend stays with you to make sure you don't get abducted.
**Disclaimer Bee was not the puker discussed in this comment. The person that puked was, at the time, very young and very stupid. Said person has since matured and obtained two degrees from a fine university.

"Miss Bee" said...

hahahahaha...At least we know there are lots of nice people out there.... there had to be at least 10 people that stopped to see if "said person" was okay!

Amy said...

BAHAHAHAHA! Good stuff. I'll never forget #1 - wonder what Alan really thought that night! Oh well, he married me anyway (#23 and the rest of mes) ;)

You should also mention the danger of electric shock or drowning, should you decide to get in one of the fountains on, say, New Year's Eve.

Jessica said...

Let a man buy you a drink. Then ask him if he knows your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

If he stays, it's a chance to evangelize. If not, at least you got a free drink out of the deal. :)

Margaret said...

Thanks for the memories!