all tatted up

I got my first tattoo when I was 18. I was a freshman in college and went on my first "road-trip" to Waco.... Tech vs. Baylor football game. I had been wanting a tattoo pretty much my whole senior year in high school, so this wasn't an impulse buy. (Fortunately, my original idea - a rose on my upper left breast - was not what I went with. Classy, yes?) So anyway, my best friend Jenny went with me and I picked out this little ditty. It is two little hearts on the inside of my left ankle.
It worked out well, since it is on the inside of my foot. It really isn't very noticeable, and if I wear shoes with ankle straps, you can't see it all. I never really advertised it, especially once I started teaching. I didn't want to be "that teacher with tattoos." It is 15 years later, and I actually still like it. Take an up close look at it so that you can see the hearts. They even have a little white shaded area to give them some dimension:

I never thought my tiny little tattoo looked like anything other than two little hearts. Well, here is a little story about teaching high school..... Every once in awhile somebody would notice my tattoo and be all, "Miss! When did you get that tattoo?!?!?" And I would say, "Ten years ago!" And they would think I was cool and want to see it up close. I usually did not put my foot up on a chair and let them look closely at it, because I didn't really think it was appropriate. UNTIL - one day, a student said, "Miss! Do you have a mushroom tattooed on your ankle?" I was mortified. I am not, nor ever have been, the type of person that would have anything to do with mushrooms, MUCH LESS get one tattooed on my body. I was like, "NO! It is tiny hearts!!!!" Although, upon further inspection, I could see why she asked that. If you look from the right direction and are not too close, it actually does kind of look like a mushroom.

You better believe I put my foot all the way on top of the desk and pointed out the hearts.


Amy said...

BAHAHAHA! Kids say the darndest things. They see what they wanna see. I only ever saw two hearts...but I'm not a mushroom kind'a gal, either.

sarahsmile3 said...

Anyone who mistook your cute little double heart tattoo for a mushroom was probably on "shrooms."

Anonymous said...

thats amazing did it hurt?