poor chimi

We watched basketball and ate burgers on the deck Thursday night. (see previous post for pictures.) We fired up the chimineas and relaxed.

Fast forward to Saturday, when chores were taking place. Larry wanted to power-wash the deck and patio so he can stain and seal it before we have people over next weekend, so we had to move everything:

- three patio tables
- 12 patio chairs
- three chaise lounges
- one "bistro" set
- two umbrellas
- the smoker
- the grill
- all sorts of other candles, plants, miscellaneous crap, and
- the chimineas....

He went to move one of the chimis and only half of it came with him. There was a big crack in it and Thursday night was its last occasion to provide ambiance and warmth.

This is particularly sad if you've been to our backyard and know how much Larry loves his chimineas. (close-up of his "sad face.")

That chiminea has been a part of backyard BBQs for about 10 years. He was a good chimi and will be missed. Larry says now he wants to get a fire-pit. We'll see.


sarahsmile3 said...

I'll always have fond memories of chimi. RIP.

Leroy Behnke said...

Poor little chiminea. It lasted a LONG TIME, Larry! No wonder your back went out, Miss Bee. That's a heap of carrying.

Life at the White House said...

hey there - thanks for stopping by!

i just went target link you posted and started laughing! i carried that exact pillow around target for about 20 mins today, contemplating whether it would work or not.

i finally put it back after realizing i already had $120 worth of stuff (mostly crap - things i did not actually need) in hand!!!