The "as-soon-as-I-get-around-to-its"

Am I the only one that has things sitting around the house that are just waiting to get done? Not major things, I know there are always things like laundry and home improvement that need to take care of. I'm talking more about the little things - the ones that are so insignificant that you just keep putting them off because they really aren't that big of a deal and they are really easy to do and won't take very long. That's the thing - they won't take very long, yet some of them have been sitting around for several months. Let me show you what I mean:

Christmas presents that I found when I was putting the wrapping stuff away. They just need to be mailed, but instead, they are sitting on the dresser in one of the guest rooms. (Amy, I swear I was going to mail it but have decided not to for reasons which cannot be disclosed at this point in time.)

Other examples include:

Sorting the many greeting cards that I buy when I'm hanging out in the card aisle or when they are on sale. (Found some sweet deals at Papyrus while at the Houston Galleria, I was very excited about that.) I got this cute little portfolio so that I could sort them by Birthday/Just Because/Baby Shower, etc. Seriously? That would take like 5 minutes. But eh - I'll do it as soon as I get around to it.

I dog-ear magazines when I see a recipe or gift idea or something I like. So now I have this pile of Glamour, Redbook and Rachael Ray magazines that I need to go through again and cut stuff out of. It is growing by the day, but I'll get around to it soon.

The boyfriend used to have a room where he hung all of his race medals and pictures. When he remodeled, they had to be taken down. Well, I was around when it was time to redecorate, and the room that was formerly known as "The Bragging Room" is now just a guest room. But I feel kind of bad about that, because he is a very good athlete and has lots of memorabilia to show for it. So, I decided I would make the storage/laundry room into a new bragging room. For now, the pictures are collecting dust. I'll hang them soon,as soon as I have a free weekend.

I've been in school for almost two months. Yet my textbooks and assorted resources are just sitting in a pile, waiting to be organized. I even bought a brand new copy of the APA manual, which I haven't even opened. I just fake my way through it and it is working so far. I'll get it organized before the semester ends - you guessed it.... just as soon as I get around to it.

Just curious if there is anyone else that has these piles hidden somewhere in their house. Maybe I will get off of the computer and go take care of one of them. Ha, right.


Pat said...

Absolutely! I don't like to put 'em away, because 'out of sight, out of mind'. Dad is more anti-clutter than I, so he puts everything in boxes and stores them 'until we get time to go through them.' consequently we both have some sortin' to do. If I see piles of stuff, I finally get tired of it and DO something with it. If you wait long enough, it's all out of date and you can toss it in the trash.

Jessica said...

Organizing the books and school stuff is a moot point.

And I still haven't mailed William's birthday... I mean Christmas... I mean New Years... I mean Valentine's Day presents. Yeah, talk about BAAAAAD... But seriously, I don't have a box that will fit their odd shapes. And I don't have afternoons off... and... and...

Anonymous said...

Magazines - I did the same thing thinking I'd go back. I never felt as free as I did the day I threw that stack of magazines in the recycle bin.



M--- said...

Ok...so...um, I can help you with that. I am so good at getting OTHER people's stuff done I should be a professional "every one else's errands" person.

If you want, I can come over during Spring Break and whip you into shape...and then you can come over and see all the projects that I've started and never finished.


ynez taylor said...

Like good wine, some things need to age for a while. That's why I have those boxes of manuscript notes for my novels (screenplays and photos for our updated family albums.

Amy said...

You're so funny! The whole time I was reading it, laughing, I was thinking "In the time it took her to arrange the things to take the pictures of, post the pictures, and write the blog, she probably could have gotten it all done!" Then I thought, "But then I wouldn't have her blog to read when I'm procrastinating on my own 'as-soon-as-I-around-to-its'?"