On a roll

There are several things that have happened lately that make me think I need to buy a lottery ticket.

First, let me say that I'm digging Microsoft Word 2007. It looks like I am working, but really, I am writing a new blog post that will be published straight from Word. I don't even have to pull up my hot pink screen! Now THAT, Mr. Gates, is progress. (Not really, I'm trying to get better about taking a lunch…)

Good deal #2 - As many of you know, Larry and I are "regulars" at several places. Wednesday we usually go to Carino's, Thursday is Pluckers and Friday is either A La Carrera or Daily Grill. (Just to fill in the blanks, Monday is turkey meat loaf night at home and Tuesday depends because I work late lots of Tuesdays.) Well, we are like BFF with the bartender at Carino's, so he told us we should enter the company NCAA bracket contest. I went in and filled out a bracket and there were only like 5 other players, so I knew I would at least win one round. However, since there was low turnout in participation, they cancelled it. BUT – they are giving us all a $50 gift card for entering!

If you are my dad or brother, you might want to skip good deal #3, as I am talking about bras. So, a few weeks ago, I needed a new bra, and went to Dillards to pick a few up. (Actually, I went to Dillards because they sell the Spanx "Brallelujah" and I really wanted one. It seems I always have falling straps, and this bra has stretchy straps that you don't have to adjust. However, apparently this bra either fits you or it doesn't and it didn't fit me. (I'm still sad about it.) So anyway, after trying on at least 63 bras, I picked out a neutral one and a black one. (I'm very picky.) When I went to pay out, they said, "If you wait a few days to come get the black one, we will donate 20% to breast cancer research and you'll be entered in a drawing for a free bra and Estee Lauder products." So I said, "Sure." I went back a few days later, picked up my black bra, and called it a day. Well, they called me yesterday to tell me that I won the drawing and I get to go pick out a new bra! (One Wacoal bra or one B-Tempted Bra and panty.) Any of you who purchase bras know that they can be expensive, so that is a pretty good prize! With that being said, I just bought two brand new bras. I can always use more, but I hate to be greedy. So if I have a reader out there that is wearing a raggedy bra, or perhaps is pregnant and will need a bigger bra for awhile, or just wants to take advantage of my generosity, let me know, and I'll give you my free bra. (But if I don't get any takers, maybe I'll get a fun one for once – like hot pink or polka dotted.)

Good deal #4 – I've mentioned it before, but I'm really not kidding. You guys need to listen to the Christian radio station so that you can get hooked up. http://khfi.halfoffdeals.com/index.php?index_type=promo-detail&pid=65839 I got a $500 gift card for $200 to milk & honey Spa. (I'm using it for an upcoming spa day with friends, and we will split the $200 cost but get $500 of services!) This is also the site where I got the $50 Oasis gift card for $25.

I think I'm forgetting something, but I guess I should go pop my popcorn and eat something, so that's all for now.

UPDATED 6:00pm

Did you know that your middle name is your Guardian Angel's name? Well, that's what I think. So Helene had my back today. We were headed to our normal Wednesday spot and pulled into Wells Fargo so Larry could deposit some money from the NCAA bracket game he is running and so I could cash a reimbursement check. It wasn't even raining or anything when we pulled up. All of a sudden, Larry heard a little "click" on the car and started pulling up. I was all "Why are you leaving, I haven't gotten my money yet?" Then..... HOLY HAIL, BATMAN!!! What are the odds that you'll be under a covered bank drive-through when a hailstorm starts? It was so scary. We saw about 3 windshields get shattered. (Including the bank teller, who made her final payment on her car yesterday.) I took a picture with my phone but I don't know how to transfer it. We waited for it to end, then headed home and saw at least six busted windshields. The whole golf course looked like it was covered in snow.

Here is a close-up, and this is after it had already started melting:

Only bad thing that happened was to Larry's poor truck. Aw.

Updated 9:00pm

Just got back from Carinos, (Larry couldn't stay away) and went to the bathroom. This is where I discovered my luck has run out. The skylight got busted.

So we went to check out the other skylight in the living room. It isn't as bad, but has a few little holes and a bunch of pooled water just waiting to gush down and ruin the wood floors.

So, I know we need more rain and all, but I hope that it waits until we get the holes in our ceiling fixed. But to be honest, the first thing I thought about is all those people who got hit by the Hurricanes. I mean, we had a hailstorm and have a truck and two skylights that have to get fixed..... those people lost everything. So I guess I am lucky after all.


Anonymous said...

When I went to NYC we got soooo many things for free - lots of free wine, some free cheese and fruit, etc etc. Even crazier, a woman at the bar at one of the theaters we went to (All my Sons) bought my mom and I a glass of wine, just b/c. Hello, NYC wine is expensive, double at the theater! I couldn't believe how cheap we got through NYC - amazing really!

Bras - I'm the same as you - black/beige. Colin hates it but they go with everything and when you're "fuller chested" you have to be practical. Recently I wished I had one of those bras with either clear straps or some sort of fun animal print(?) to wear under black or colored tank tops b/c they ALWAYS show. So maybe that's what you could use it for....or a good strapless one?

Congrats on all your fun stuff. You must be living right :-)

p.s. no need to buy a ticket. I have the winning numbers for tonight :-P

sarahsmile3 said...

Many thanks to your man for providing the navigation on my treacherous ride home.

ynez taylor said...

Thanks for the disclaimer. I skipped #3.

The warning I really needed was for #2, however. I guess I can figure out "BFF," even though I'm like really OLD and, um, RELIGIOUS, and, well, um, like, all that stuff.

You're a superb writer, Rachel. You are gifted with a clever and compelling wit. Eschew what is vulgar or stale.

Thanks for giving credit where it's due. I pray every night that Helene will watch over you well.

Thanks, too, for accepting the hail damage with serenity.

ynez taylor said...

Never mind...I decided it means "Best Friend Forever."

Amanda said...

With all of the good you do every single day, it's no surprise that you've had such good luck. And the hail damage is no reflection on you-it must be Larry being sassy with someone! haha

Amy said...

Lucky you! We are like the unluckiest people around. Well, I guess we're pretty lucky to be moving to Okinawa, but other than that, bad luck all the time. Except for parking - if Alan is driving we always get rockstar. I guess we're lucky sometimes...but chances are if something costs a lot to fix, it's going to go wrong for us.

Thanks for going back to get the bra to donate to breast cancer research. You won because you deserved it!

Jessica said...

1. Can you say Brallelujah during Lent?

2. My boobs might be growing in the next few months. :D
But we're just going to PRAAAAY that doesn't happen.

3. Yay for Helene. Marie gets my back way more often than not. :)