the madness continues

March Madness is my boyfriend's favorite time of the year. For two days straight, he watches NCAA basketball. Me? Notsomuch. But since I was off work this year, I decided to enjoy it with him, and it has been great. Yesterday, he let me wear his "vintage" t-shirt from 1986 when Duke was in the Final Four. We sat at a bar for about 6 hours and watched games, then came home and he grilled burgers.

Blossom stole his chair when he got up to get something.

Here I am, looking dorky, in the vintage shirt. I only posted this picture so you could see how cute the mini-chiminea is.

It has been a full couple of days, and I still have Monday off! Sweet! I was going to include Juan's birthday and SXSW in this post, but the games are starting again, so we have to go.

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Leroy Behnke said...

Seriously, is that shirt really 23 years old? Who keeps things that long? Oh, wait...I guess I still have a couple OLD--but not so notable--clothing items in my closet. The chiminea is very cute.