what i've been doing

In the absence of wasting time on facebook in the evenings, I've found myself being a little more productive.  Not as productive as I SHOULD be, but I'm a work in progress.

Some of my most recent adventures:

Herb-roasted chicken with potatoes and peas

(REVIEW:  Larry liked this more than I did.  I liked the potatoes because they got crispy.  I would make it again but add a little salt to my piece of chicken.)

Spicy fish taco bowls

(REVIEW:  Loved this.  It was spicy but the rice helped calm it a bit.

Sesame-soy broccoli (with teriyaki chicken)

Bone-in chicken breasts were on sale for $1/lb, so I stocked up.  Hence the plethora of chicken related projects. (REVIEW: Meh.  I forgot fresh broccoli so I steamed frozen.  Flavor was good but I want to try again with fresh.)

Non-cooking related tasks include:

1.  Rainbow fruit plate with a pot of gold

I felt like bringing something to an all day training event we were having at work, so I made this.  We are on Spring Break next week and I won't be able to bring anything cute for St. Patrick's Day, so I did this instead.  (Get it?  Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow???)

2.  Cleaning my closet....round 1.  I have challenged myself to do at least 3 rounds.  The first round was the obvious stuff... the shirts I am too old to wear, the shirts and pants that are just not ever going to fit me anymore, and a few things that have just been in my closet for way too long.  I found a site called poshmark and took some clothes to a consignment store  to see if I can sell anything .  If not, I'll give to appropriate charities. 

3.  I'm on track and have sent birthday cards for every family birthday so far.

4.  Unfortunately, extra time without logging into facebook has also caused me to do a little online shoppingEverything has been on crazy sale (6 rolls of paper towel for $3!) but it still adds up.  I finally found a chambray shirt after looking at every. single. one. on the internet. 

I wanted actual chambray instead of jean.  It hasn't arrived yet, so we'll see if I really like it.  That was my final purchase and now I am done.....


Leroy Behnke said...

Well done! Lots of yummy meals. I do like to get in the kitchen when I have time--we end up eating some odd concoctions. You have inspired me. I still have to get off my duff in the evenings after supper and Family Feud and DO SOMETHING!

Pat Behnke said...

Actually, the above comment is from Mom. Don't know HOW Dad's face/name appeared on it....

Miss Bee said...

Mom, your odd concoctions are the best kind!

sarahsmile3 said...

Yay you!

Try broccolini instead of broccoli. Dale can tell you how to prepare it for the best flavor. It's so good!

In other news, I can't wait to give you your surprise. ; )
I'll bring it to Lefty's this Friday.

The Behnke Clan said...

Love all the recipes, especially since I've given up facebook, too. I've not been nearly as creative in the kitchen as I should be/want to be, but we are eating much healthier and it's pretty fun coming up with healthy substitutes to our former staples.

I read this after cleaning out our hallway closet, funny enough. I want to do several rounds, and I think this is round two since August. I don't want to pack and move half our stuff and end up throwing it away, so I'm throwing away or donating to those in need now! Girls' closet and our hallway closet down, as of today. I don't even want to think about our garage and all the baby stuff I need to purge!

The jean shirt you gave me over Thanksgiving (Christmas?) fits but I just can't figure out what to wear it with! Let me know how you use yours and I'll try to copy (no shame in that with our Pintrest era, right?)!

Miss Bee said...

Melanie, I've only worn my shirt once so far... I layered it over a white tank top with dark blue jeans and tall brown boots. I'm still feeling it out.....