There are days when my self-esteem is lacking. I'm 99.99% sure this happens to all women, right? I'm speaking to you on a purely superficial level right now. We all know beauty is skin deep yada yada yada. But there are some days when I just look and feel like crap. I haven't been taking very good care of myself and some days I just look in the mirror and don't like what I see.

Recently, on a day that seemed particularly trying, I found myself googling.

I googled the name of a person from my past, whose path crossed mine for a brief moment in my youth. The circumstances surrounding him allowed me to feel beautiful. The search results reminded me that you don't need a man to tell you you're beautiful, but that it sure is nice when they do.... especially when it is a man that is surrounded by beauty. That being confident and capable is liberating and that being classy is always the correct decision. And, let's be honest.... It also reminded me that being young was so much fun!

I would provide details to document this story, but they don't really matter.* I'm sure you can all fill in the blank with a time or situation or person that makes you feel this way. So instead of the actual story, you get a vague blog post, almost a decade after the fact, that should cause you to do some recollecting. Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to pinpoint a time when you felt beautiful. And next time you have a day that makes you feel less than beautiful, allow yourself the freedom to relive that moment. 

(I guess it is probably important to note that I'm not pining away for the past or minimizing the love I have for the MWG.... sometimes it is just healing to remember being young, and wild, and free!)

*For the record, I can be swayed to spill secrets for a glass of wine and appropriate snacks.


Knitrageous said...

Well, I have a bottle of wine...

sarahsmile3 said...

I know what you are talking about and can't believe it has been almost 10 years! No way! Wait...that was back in 2005. So not quite 10 years. BUT STILL!!!! You are still young and beautiful, by the way.

I have also been feeling less that beautiful lately. It's because I am eating so much sugar. I'm sure of eat. You can't eat the sweets and look sweet at the same time. Well, at least I can't.

sarahsmile3 said...

*sure of IT, not EAT. Haha!

The Behnke Clan said...

If I lace your Easter meal with chips, cheese, and wine, will you share? :)

It's funny you share this story because I've been feeling frumpy lately and was reminded of a similar moment in my past! And you're right, our respective men make sure that we both know we are beautiful, but it's nice when someone who doesn't love you, no matter what, thinks you are, too!