It was a sad day for Larry and I.... We said goodbye to our favorite bartender today.  "Byrd" has worked Wednesday nights at Carino's for at least 6 years.... (We got to know him back in the day when Wednesday nights were "Rachel Night.") He was our favorite bartender and didn't even have to ask what we wanted. He always found a way to extend happy hour on the computer and charge me for an "add-on" wedge salad instead of the $6.99 version. He got a promotion and will be a manager in a different store. Tonight was his last night, so we went to say goodbye. We gave him a small gift card to a liquor store and he was actually really touched. I can totally understand... You spend 6 years slinging drinks for people, it has to be nice to be thanked. 


On the way home, I started reminiscing about when I used to wait tables. Really I was more of a cocktail waitress, but I loved it. There is a new sports bar about to open across the highway from us, so I told Larry that I should ask if they would let me just work Sunday afternoons. (If you've ever waited tables and loved it, you know what I mean. It really was a fun job.)

I said, " I really would go ask, except now I'm all old and fat and they wouldn't want me to cocktail." 

Larry said, "you could always wear spanx."

I burst out laughing and said, " you were supposed to say that I am neither old nor fat."



sarahsmile3 said...

Ha! I am surprised Larry knows what Spanx are! That dude cracks me up.

Oh, and You are neither old nor fat.

Knitrageous said...

I've had a relationship with a bartender at JC's myself! It's a great place to go. Spanx??? You don't need them!

Jessica said...

HAHAHAHA! He and Jeff should go to "What To Say and Not Say" classes together. :)