assorted thoughts

Am I the last one to realize that the name Flo Rida' ( the rapper/singer/whatever he is) spells "Florida?" Is that where he is from?

Turns out not logging into Facebook is easier than I thought it would be. The only time I was tempted was when I was at a restaurant waiting for a friend. I went through my phone and deleted old emails instead. I don't think I'm actually missing that much. (Or am I?!?!)

I've become very interested in coupons. I haven't gotten all crazy like the extreme coupon ladies or anything, but i can see how they get addicted. I refuse to buy something I wouldn't normally buy.... For example, we don't eat Trix cereal, so even if there is a really good coupon, I'm not going to use it. (I will, however, cut it out and place it near the cereal box in the grocery store aisle... spreading the love!) Im not very good at it yet, but I have started looking online for coupons before I go to the store. I make my list first to ensure that only things I need are included. Then I get online and search for coupons to print. Sometimes I only save like .75, but sometimes I save like $6.00! And whatever happened to double coupon days? Do any stores still do that?

I'm feeling the urge to purge. As in, I want to get rid of 90% of my clothes and shoes and start from scratch with just high quality, basic essential pieces. I might start looking into selling things on eBay. Anyone have any experience with that? I donate most of my stuff, but if I could get some money for shoes and dresses and shirts that have only been worn a couple times, I want to try that first!

Finally, I'm fighting my inner purse demons. I really want a new purse but am not going to throw down the money. Must. Stay. Strong.


sarahsmile3 said...

1. I doubt you are the last to know about the Flo Rida thing, but you might be one of the last (with the exception of the people that have never heard of him....or Florida).

2. You are not missing a thing on Facebook. It's just as predictable and boring as it ever was.

3. Maybe I should buy some ink for my printer so I can join you in the coupon craze?

4. I just purged all of my unwanted winter clothes. I'll do another round this summer. It feels good to let go.

5. I gave into the purse demon. At least I bought a neutral this time! I believe the color is called "sand"

6. Why did I feel the need to make a statement about every point in your post? Probably because I miss you and need to see you. I have stories to tell you, girl!!!

The Behnke Clan said...

I'll copy Sarah!

1. I haven't even heard of him, so you're all good!

2. You're doing better than I. I'm really struggling with giving up facebook, even though, really, I'm not missing anything! What's my deal? I did this same sacrifice last year and it was wonderful!

3. I need to coupon, too!

4. I call myself the Over Purger and it's a title I wear proudly. Less clutter makes a peaceful mind and home for me.

5. I've been bitten by the purse demon and I wish I had a purse in every color and size! Stay strong!

6. I loved this post and Sarah's response. :)