take five

You know what’s nice about having your own blog? You can write whatever you feel like. And if I feel like doing the whole “what are the first 5 songs that play on your ipod” game, I can. And you can either read it or skip it. Or you could start your own blog and write about how much you hate this game.

1.Follow Through – Gavin DeGraw : This song makes me think of Amy and going to see Gavin DeGraw in concert at Carlos and Charlies. He autographed her tank top. (Amy, do you still have that?!?!) If I recall, this was right after she found out the guy she was dating was MARRIED and had never bothered to mention it. What a loser.

2.I Can’t Make You Want Me – Tim Brantley: I heard this song on the previews for that TV show “Chuck” – it includes the line “I can love you enough for the both of us.” That line stuck with me and I bought the song because it seems that in my history of relationships, there are points at which one person has to be the stronger one, the one that fights to make things succeed. The one that has to teach the other person that love isn’t always easy, but it’s worth the work. More often than not, I’ve been that person – maybe that is why this song struck a chord.

3.Wanna Be a Baller – Lil Troy: Wow. This song pretty much summarizes my last year of college. Somehow it became our theme song. Here we are singing it at karaoke during our staff Christmas party. (looks like we were probably at the "I hit the highway" part of the song)

Kristin (next to me with the really blonde hair) and I actually went to a Lil Troy concert when he came to Lubbock that year, but… how can I say this? We were so excited to be there (I want to say it was at Crystal’s nightclub?) but were not made to feel very welcome, so we left before the concert started. (*sidenote - I love that this party was in December and it was probably 30 degrees outside, yet my outfit was a backless, spaghetti strap top and a skirt that ended roughly 10 inches above my knees. Ahhhh - to have my 21 year old body again...)

4.Rollin – Limp Bizkit: This is the best workout song period. I can be dying on the treadmill, but if this song comes on, I can push through. I know I even bought this cd. Not sure how I got turned on to it.

5.Martyrs and Thieves – Jennifer Knapp: I love the “Kansas” cd. There are so many songs on it that just seemed to say exactly what I wanted to say but didn’t know how to say it. I know that in college I wanted to pray but didn’t feel like I remembered how – so I would sing along to this cd at the top of my lungs. It was released in 1998, but I would still recommend it for any girl (especially around ages 15-22).


Amy said...

Yes, I do still have it! I miss Carlos and Charlie's...and Gavin. I don't miss the married loser.

Gwen said...

I love your list! Memory lane...