new jeans

I'm pretty sure that my mom wore the same pair of jeans for about 20 years. Like the entire time she was raising me and my 4 siblings. I mean, they might not have been the EXACT same pair, but my point is that I don't ever remember her buying anything for herself. I bet there were times when she would have liked some new things...but she continued to wear those jeans so that we could have new things instead. That's just the kind of person she is.

So, on Mother's Day, I'm wishing thoughts of new jeans for you.

Thanks for wearing your old stuff so that we could have new stuff.

Thanks for creating a home that I still love coming back to - no matter where it is.

Thanks for being a constant reminder of what is important in life.

Thanks for no doubt sacrificing some of your own dreams so that you could help us reach ours.

Thanks for being the type of woman that I strive to be.

(photo courtesy of postsecret)


sarahsmile3 said...

I agree. Your mom is pretty awesome. I know first hand. You are a sweet daughter for posting this.

larry said...

Your best blog yet!

Pat said...

Awww--you are really sweet! I really didn't mind wearing my old comfy pants, either! I do enjoy, however, wearing the new jeans you all shopped for last fall. Most comfortable ever.
I've begun working on my memory book--thanks! I'd never think about some subjects, and can actually recall of few childhood memories.

M--- said...

You know another reason why you're mom is AWESOME to the nth degree?? For raising her children to be exactly who they are today. YOU are a testament to her greatness.
And I'm glad I STILL know (all of you...after all these years. Happy belated Mother's Day, Pat! :o)