the LBK

My last post got me thinking about places in my hometown that I should have photographs with.

1. The Texas Tech seal - don't know why I never posed in front of this. Maybe because I graduated in December and it was too cold? Not sure.

2. Buddy Holly statue - If I'm going to have a picture with Stevie Ray Vaughn, I need one with Buddy too.

3. Prairie dogs - you think I can lay on the ground and have my picture taken right when a prairie dog pops his head out of the ground? Is there a time of year that prairie dogs appear? When can they be found? Is there still a place at the museum?

4. The strip at nighttime with all the lights behind me - Now that Lubbock is a "wet" county, is the strip the same?

5. In a dust storm - normally I would stay inside, but I'm thinking a picture in the brown dark sky could be kind of cool.

That's all I can think of right now. I will be going to Lubbock in late June so maybe I'll remember something else then.


sarahsmile3 said...

I see a picture of you standing in the middle of a cotton field whet the cotton is ready for pickin'. The sky is blue, the dirt is a red/brown, you are wearing a pretty blue dress.

sarahsmile3 said...


Jessica said...

We'll do TTU seal pics when you're here. I don't have one either.

Amy said...

Wait! I've been gone so long, I didn't know Lubbock was a "wet" county! When did this happen??