MWG could beat your boy at a triathlon. Just sayin.'

He loves the bike:

He loves the swim:

He tolerates the run:

It's been a little while since his last race, so he was ready to get back into the pool. We've been going to the gym at 6:00am on Tuesdays and Thursdays so that he can swim while there are no classes going on. Well, this past Thursday, there were some issues. He told me tonight that he thought he was being "punk'd" at the pool.

Now, not being a racer myself, I don't know proper swim lane etiquette. But apparently there is some. You don't each get a lane, you do a mini lap in a lane. As MWG explained - "What - do you think that UT only has 6 people on their swim team? No, you can have like 12 people in a lane at a time!" Huh. Who knew? If you want to pass somebody, you simply tap them on the leg, and when you get to the end, they let you in front of them.

So anyway, he was getting ready to jump into his lane, and a little lady said, "Um, I need to swim in this lane. I just had surgery." He is thinking to himself, "I will swim circles around you, but whatever." But he just told her "I'm not going to be using my legs today, so it will be fine." (I guess if you are an expert swimmer, you can pick and choose whether you use your arms or legs when swimming? Whatever.) So she jumped in and then he followed after her. And you'll have to ask him to explain it to you, because it is hilarious in real life. Apparently she flailed around like she was drowning, but was actually swimming. When he would go around her, she would "club him in the head" with her arms and legs and was so ridiculous that he thought he was being punk'd. I literally laughed out loud.... I don't even know if it is funny to anyone else, but it was to me. It was enough to get me out of my blog funk, so that 's saying something. =]


sarahsmile3 said...

OMG, MWG! That swimming story, and picture, crack me up. I will need a MWG re-telling.

(The picture cracks me up because he almost has "big head little body." I blame it on the wet suite)

Amy said...

Love this! I'd be suspicious too. I'm with Sarah on the pic - I thought his head was superimposed there! :D

"Miss Bee" said...

No, he was just really that skinny. I hope he reads this so he knows to never be that skinny again!

sarahsmile3 said...

We call that "lollipop head" when referring to the skinny actresses in Hollywood. Think Marie Osmond.

Jessica said...

I can actually hear him say "club me on th' head! I thawt I's bein' punk'd!" Oh, that MWG.