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Somehow I recently subscribed to Austin Monthly magazine and love it. This month includes an "Austin User Manual" and basically gives a step-by-step guide to living in Austin. The best part of the article is that it gave me my mission for the remaining portion of 2010: 10 iconic settings to be photographed while in Austin.

1. Mount Bonnell - I've been meaning to go up Mount Bonnell for about 9 years now. Actually, I've been waiting for some sweet romantic gentleman to suggest taking a picnic lunch up there, but apparently I haven't hinted strongly enough.

2. Barton Springs - While I've been here, I don't normally approve of photographs while wearing a bathing suit. However, I suppose if I was IN the water it could work.

3. "Nightwings" - I have never heard of this. It is "Dale Whistler's rotating sculpture of a bat at South Congress and Barton Springs."

4. The Stuffed Bear at the Mohawk - I don't remember if I've ever been to the Mohawk or not. I'm guessing NOT because taking a picture with a stuffed bear is right up my alley.

5. "Hi, How Are You" Mural - I've always meant to do this as well, just haven't yet. Maybe I'll do it while school is out for the summer and the drag isn't as crowded.

6. The Capitol - I actually haven't been to the Capitol since I've become an Austin resident. I went in high school, but I suppose it could be kind of cool to go back. It really is a pretty building.

7. Driskill Grill - Can't wait to get all prettied up and go to a fancy happy hour with MWG for this one.

8. "Greetings from Austin" - ever since Amanda and Wyatt made their "Save the Date" magnet in front of this mural I've wanted to copy her.

9. Under the Zilker Tree - I could have sworn that we took a picture under the tree last year but I can't find it so we'll have to do it again.

10. Stevie Ray Vaughan's sculpture - they are nice enough to tell you that the 20th anniversary of his death is August 27, so I probably won't go that day. I love that MWG used to ride his bike over to Stevie and Jimmie's house and listen to them play guitars in their garage. Maybe instead of the sculpture we will drive up to Dallas and take a picture in front of his old house.

I'm actually really excited about this. I think I am also going to add going to Ginny's Little Longhorn for chicken sh*t bingo. Anywhere else you think I should put on my list?


sarahsmile3 said...

I read the same article just a few hours ago and I thought about you!

Amanda said...

This sounds like an excellent project for you and MWG. How about the 360 bridge?

M--- said...

I totally missed this article...but am going to use your blog for reference. I haven't had my photo taken at any of these places, but funnily enough I have photographed many people at some!