wreck 'em

For my birthday, I ordered myself a shirt to wear this football season:
(Mine is in a larger size than the one pictured.)

My presents are sitting wrapped on top of the fridge and I don't have a clue what they might be. I don't think I've said that I wanted anything, so there is no telling.

I should be studying. Or preparing for work tomorrow. Blech.


larry said...

Nice shirt...but it aint gonna help your team on the 19th. PS: I know what's on top of the frig ;-)

sarahsmile3 said...

I'm going to get one just like it for Dale.

Amy said...

Larry - Hell yeah!

Sarah - I'm picturing Dale in it right now...and LMAO.

Teach - I'm hoping you get your card on time, but there's no hope for your gift. Adam helped me pick it out today :) Have a great one!!