red rover, red rover, can Miss Bee come over

You know, I've never been one that needed much recognition. I like to do a good job because it feels good to do a good job. But I'm realizing that I like being recognized. At my professor's request, I just finished submitting my research paper from my first semester of grad school to the AHRD national conference. My advisor/professor asked if I would serve on a review committee. One of the ladies that has been in two of my other classes emailed me tonight and asked if I wanted to partner with her for the final project in one of this semester's classes. It feels good to be wanted. It feels good to be a gangsta. (Just felt like saying that.)

I can't wait to do a post over the Labor Day BBQ, but seeing as my camera is broken and I'm going to have to go to Walgreens and transfer all the pictures on the card to a cd, it might take a few days. Until then, just picture 100+ people, a stage with full band equipment and more food and beverages than you've ever seen in your life. (and yes - go ahead and picture TUMS at 2 in the morning.)

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