in case you needed another reason to think that guys that frequent strip clubs are idiots

I figured it was my civil duty to repeat the story that our friend "Burberry" told us last night.

She works with a lady that is married to a complete idiot. (Well, she didn't say that, but I am taking the liberty of referring to him as one.) He works about 3 hours a day for his parent's company. This wouldn't be that big of a deal if he took care of their child the rest of the time, but no - he plays video games the remainder of the day. She asked him to please play with a headset on so that their child doesn't hear all the f-bombs that the video game screams every 10 seconds. When she told him that she'd like another kid, he said "No" because it would "cause too much of a carbon footprint." But this, my friends, is not the story.

Awhile back, the husband was invited to a bachelor party in New Orleans from Thursday to Sunday. He went and the wife started to get concerned when she hadn't heard from him. Well.... the bachelor party apparently went to the Hustler strip club, where he proceeded to get really drunk. At some point in the evening, I guess his friends left him and some classy ladies invited him to the "Champagne Room." Like an idiot, he went. ALLEGEDLY*, this is what happened as he remembers it from that point on...

Somebody offered him some sort of pill, and like an idiot, he took it. Apparently it was not some fun little party drug like he thought it was - it rendered him useless. He woke up at nine in the morning with receipts totaling $20,000 around him. With his signature on them. He remembers bits and pieces of that - like when they had him practice signing his name on a napkin until it looked exactly like the signature on his driver's license.

They maxxed out several of his credit cards - one of which was his parent's company card... that had never been used. They had to activate it, then proceeded to order a bottle of Cristal and Dom Perignon every hour, on the hour.

He tried to press charges, but the strip club had made a copy of his license to prove that he was there, and the credit card company verified that it was his signature. No lawyers would take the case, as this has happened to many other men and nobody has ever won the case since they can't prove they were drugged and nobody forged their signature. So they've paid twenty. thousand. dollars. to get this settled.

I feel bad for the guy, even though he is an idiot. He got swindled, and I just wanted to make sure that it doesn't happen to any of you. So, if you are ever invited to a bachelor party at a strip club, just say no. Especially if you're in New Orleans.

*thatcatbythebar.blogspot.com is just repeating a story and does not wish to get sued by Larry Flint and his nasty clubs.


sarahsmile3 said...

Oh HELL to the NO! I don't even know where to start with this one!
I better keep my mouth shut.

M--- said...

Oh. Em. Gee!
My, my, my. I have some GREAT memories of my times in New Orleans...and I'm glad I have a memory of it all. That sap, er, sucker, er, dumbass, er, friend of a friend of a friend's husband had better have learned his lesson. If he hasn't I've got some oceanfront property in Arizona...