Being an Aunt: Volume Three

"So, I'm not real good at this "doing a post for all my nieces and nephews" thing. Not to mention I can't keep up with how fast my siblings have kids. Jeez. Anyway, it is AnnMarie's turn. "Annie" will be 5 on Saturday. Hard to believe! She is the daughter of my only sister and I'm her Godmomma. Those two have gotten to spend some extended time with me here and there, so I feel like I know her pretty well. She was born as a skinny lil' thing:
Look at those legs! She was in NICU for a little while, but came out healthy as a horse. (Are horses notoriously healthy? Just curious.) I LOVE to buy girl clothes, so I would buy outfits and her dad would dress her up and pose her:
I was honored to be asked to be her Godmother when she was baptized. She was around 2 (?) and screamed her head off. I got her the sweetest little white dress:
After Joe & Mel's wedding, she and her mom came to Austin to stay for about a week. She was so much fun. Larry made up this game with the kitchen light dimmer - he would tell her to raise her arm and say "Up!" and the lights would go bright. Then, as she lowered her arm and said "Down!" the lights would dim. To stop the magic, she had to clap her hands and the lights would go bright again. It was precious. Here she is saying, "Down!"
This is a girl that sings "hard-knock life" while pretending to scrub the floor and loves to ballet dance on her toes. She gets shy and stammers when too much attention is focused on her, but when she is comfortable, she is the star of the show. She'll call and tell me about what's going on, but when she is done talking, she says, "Can I hang you up now?" I'm so proud of her and excited that she is going to be a big sister!
P.S. She is under the impression that Larry eats june bugs and constantly tells us how gross that is. hahaha


TheBehnkeFamily said...

I love these entries! I can't wait for the next one! Just today Annie randomly said, "You know, Larry eats junebugs. That's gross."

sarahsmile3 said...

Do you mean that Larry does not eat June bugs? Hmmm....I thought I saw him munching on one last night.

Pat said...

It seems so long ago Annie was so small. She's quite the young lady now...five years old! Can't for you to see her these days..

Jessica said...

Aw, I haven't seen this yet! :)
My precious little girl and her precious little auntie. :)

Love you big sister!