Alternate realities

I was at a Texas university in the 90's, so YES - I loved me some Robert Earl Keen. Many memories were made with his music in the background - usually involving a jukebox and late nights closing the bar . I've always loved the song "I'm Coming Home," mostly because of this one line:

"Ain't nothin' better than your own backyard."

Because, really. IS there anything better than your own backyard? I love sitting outside, visiting, watching football on the deck, having a glass of wine. There is something so magical and relaxing about just being out there. Not to mention, I think it is one of the most beautiful yards in existance. I don't feel like digging through pictures, but here I am getting some kindling woods for the chiminea:
Isn't it pretty? Larry does such an amazing job at keeping it looking good. (The sprinkler system helps too.)

Growing up, my Dad used to get lots of phone calls. So many, that he made up an alternate universe. Yes, seriously. His alternate universe happened to be located in our backyard, and he named it "Loyalty, Texas." That way, when someone called and he was outside, we weren't lying if we told the caller, "He isn't here right now." Because he wasn't - he was in Loyalty. (He has a very scientific description involving quantum physics and alternative realities, etc.) Loyalty has had several locations since it's creation, but it still remains. It now has a "shack," which provides cover for those cold West Texas nights. A night in the Loyalty shack typically consists of BBQ, beer, guitars, singing, and lots of conversation that may result in differing opinions. Here is the only picture I could find:
(Big bro, Bubba, Eddie Beethoven, Patmom, Mrs. Beethoven and TheDon)

Since then, many of my dad's friends have been granted alternate realities in their backyards. I know that there is a Guppy, an Esperanza, a Harmony and one in Louisville, KY. Larry and I have been trying to figure out what OUR alternate reality is going to be named.

Well, whether we realized it or not, it got named.

This is Sarahenity and her good friend Danny:
Danny came to celebrate with Sarahenity when she got her Master's degree. Larry and I hosted her party in our backyard. At one point during the party, Danny had his patio chair in the middle of the lawn, just gazing out at the trees, golf course, etc. A deer walked by or something, and Danny said, "This place is like the Hamptons." Well, we all gave him lots of grief, because, well, it isn't really anything like the Hamptons, but it was still funny. So ever since then, we've just referred to the backyard as the Hamptons.

Danny came into town this weekend and we had he and his hosts over. Larry decided we would serve "Hamptontinis:"
Ever since then, we've been playing around with the name for the backyard. I kind of just like "The Hamptons, " or "Southampton," while Larry suggested "Hampton del Sur." Regardless, Danny should be proud. I mean, how many people have a part in naming an alternate universe?


sarahsmile3 said...

He is going to be so excited when I tell him!
You are looking all pretty in that first picture. Woo-wee!

Amanda said...

I love it-what a great name!

Laura B. said...

My mom was just telling someone about Loyalty the other day!!! Can't wait to go in September!

M--- said...

I want an alternate universe! Y'all can help me name it when you're here next week! The excitement looms!