deep in the heart of texas

I've lived in Austin since January 2001. When I was a young lass, I took full advantage of the 6th street scene. But that was about it. I didn't really experience all of the other things that make Austin a neat place. I've been trying to remedy this for quite some time, but actually started making it happen this summer.

The Magical White Guy ("MWG") knew that I wanted to do more "Austin-y" things, so he got me this calendar for Christmas:

Since I'm what some people might call "directionally challenged," he also gave me a GPS unit. I call her Greta and she speaks with an Australian accent:

To start with, "MWG" and I started to eat at more local places on the east side. We went to Cisco's after church one day.

I had a biscuit and honey. Mmmmm. Later in the summer, I got to visit Barton Springs pool:
and Deep Eddy pool for the first time. (photo by Steve Hopson)

Earlier this week, "MWG" was in the mood for fajitas, so I googled "best fajitas austin." The restaurant "Polvo's" kept showing up, so we decided to visit it after church on Sunday.
Let me tell you - the Cerveza Fajitas are unbelieveably good. I hear the margaritas are pretty good too.... we'll be back to try those. After Polvo's, "MWG" took me over to Sandy's to get a frozen custard:
It was good, but $1.65 for an ice cream cone? Eh.

I got to experience one more "Austin-y" thing last night... a live taping of the Austin City Limits tv show. My good friend "Country" was given tickets by a former co-worker to the taping of the Dave Mathews Band show. I loved DMB in college, but haven't really listened to much of their new stuff. I forgot how talented they are. Seriously, it was amazing. Here we are outside of the building:
That is the one and only picture I got, because they were tackling people inside if they saw you pull a camera or phone out. The lady working the elevator also told us to be very careful washing our hands if we went to use the restroom, because if we lost our hand stamp, we would NOT be let back in.
Apparently there were quite a few drag rats trying to sneak in. I really do have a new respect for the DMB, as I could not believe how talented all the musicians were. Plus, he looks way better than he has in years. He has lost the gut, lost the pudgy red face, and doesn't sweat near as much. (Although he is a STRANGE, STRANGE cookie.)

Let's see, what else? I finally got tickets for ACL fest this fall. And my last goal for this summer is to finally see the bats fly off the bridge.

If there is anything else I need to be sure and put on my list, let me know...


Anonymous said...

If you make it back to Polvos make sure you call us - it's just down the street! Remind me to tell you what a friend told me about that place, don't worry, it's not bad.

Also, hurray for ACL! Are you guys going all three days? We'll need to hook up for that too.

sarahsmile3 said...

I bet you had so much fun at the ACL taping! You will have to tell me all about it soon. As for what else you should do, I have suggestions.
1.hike to and swim in sculpture falls
2. the view from the top of Mount Bonnell is nice.
3. take a canoe or kayak ride on Lady Bird Lake.
4. Take in a roller derby game (I'll do this one with you as I have never been to one before. Actually, I'll do them all with you because they are all fun!)

larry said...

Anyone up for Ginny's Little Longhorn Sunday for some Chicken Sh** Bingo and Dale Watson?

M--- said...
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M--- said...

Um, so I don't get out much in the evenings, since I tend to get all familia all the time at mi casa, but...DAMN if that Chicken Sh** Bingo doesn't sound intriguing enough for me to get all dolled up and outta the house! I've officially invited myself along for that one. Throw in a chili dog and beers and I might have found a new daddy! (P.S. I deleted the previous comment due to prematurely hitting [ENTER].)

sarahsmile3 said...

Good one, M. chicken shit bingo is something I must see.

Heather McChesney said...

I was in Austin for the first and unfortunately only time a few years ago for a wedding. We were there Weds-late Sunday. I had the absolute best time! Austin is a way cool place.

ynez taylor said...

The "Deep Eddy Cabaret" was a regular watering hole for Robert, Joe, and me. We spent many an hour there (but nary a minute in the waters of the Deep Eddy itself).

"Miss Bee" said...

Laurie - we will be going to Polvo's for margaritas, so I'll let you know when we head that way!

Sarah, Mt. Bonnell and kayaking are already on the list, but I'll add the others as well!

Larry and M - we must plan an outing to Ginny's Little Longhorn. I'll even brave a chili dog.

Heather - come back to Austin anytime and you can help me complete my list!

Dad - we went to Deep Eddy Cabaret right after the pool. They have the coldest beer in town. Cheap, too. Maybe we can go when you and mom are in town!

Anonymous said...

I've been to Ginny's! What about La La's have you guys been there? It's Christmas year round!

Anonymous said...

More on La La's


SteveHopson said...

Deep Eddy Pool photo by Steve Hopson, www.stevehopson.com

Usage of this photo requires attribution.

"Miss Bee" said...

Sorry Steve, credit has been posted! Thanks!