code names

I realize that I never asked anybody if they would mind if I used their real names in my blog posts. I mean, I'm not ever going to post anything that would ruin their careers or anything, but perhaps they don't want specific instances of their lives posted for the whole world to see. Now, I realize that the only people reading my blog are people that are familiar with my family and friends, but still....

So, I'm thinking about starting to use nicknames. I am going to have to think about them, and don't take it personally if I haven't figured one out for you yet, but here is what I have so far:

Larry (boyfriend): Haven't decided yet. Option one is "Otis." This is his nickname among one of his groups of friends. I don't remember how it came about, but I would assume it is because he talks really slow with a country accent. But who knows.

Option two is "MWG." This is short for "magical white guy." The reason he is the magical white guy is because he can pretty much get anything done, sneak in anywhere, buy things at extremely low prices, etc. I'll have to provide some examples sometime.

Option three is "Jaime." This is because whenever he calls me, he says "It's me!" And I say, "Hi, me!" Yeah, we're pretty cute.

Sarah (friend for 30+ years): I think I will just refer to her as Sarahenity, because I like to link to her blog. It is good reading for any of you that haven't visited it yet. Plus, since she has her own blog and isn't super private, I figure it is okay to use a name that is similar to her real one.

Jessica (sister): "G-Unit." This is a nickname that Otis/MWG/Jaime gave her due to an incident involving gauze. (Gauze = G) It's a long story, and not really mine to tell. Maybe you should become friends with her and find out for yourself.

Okay, that is all for now. Like I said, this just occurred to me, so I'm going to have to think about it. If you have a preference for what I call you, let me know. I never really know when I'm going to put you in a post, so it might come in handy to have your nickname decided ahead of time.

- "Teach" (that is the first nickname I ever had that really stuck. I was given it because I was/am a teacher. If you say it out loud you get the full effect.)


sarahsmile3 said...

I'm good with my code name. Um....I could offer nick names for other folk but I am going to just keep my mouth shut and let you decide for yourself. This is fun!

Anonymous said...



M--- said...

Not that you blog about me, but if you did...just call me M. That's what Bond calls me.

"Miss Bee" said...

M, I'll need a nickname for you when I tell the story about how we came over and crashed your pool! =)